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Chroma’s EV Charging Test Solution Enters the Japanese Automobile Market

Chroma’s EV test system has recently been adopted by first tier car manufacturers in Japan assisting the R&D unit in verifying the charging technology and quality. Chroma’s electric vehicle charging compatibility test system comprises of three major DC charging specifications currently applied to many other countries worldwide as well.

The electric vehicle market demands for charging equipment and each car manufacturer varies in these demands. Compatibility problems occur causing the EV to be unable to charge even risking system failure even if the design was made using the same standards. To manage these issues with testing compatibility in power charging for the R&D manufacturers, Chroma collaborated with SOIC (Ship and Ocean Industries R&D Center) to develop a CHAdeMO charging interface simulator. The simulator not only complies with the CHAdeMO standards, but also simulates all possible normal/abnormal situations in different charging handshake phases (charge start/charge permission/charge termination) making sure the vehicle reacts correctly.

Main features:

  • The system is customized based on the Chroma 8000 ATS, specifically for AC/DC charging compatibility testing on electric vehicles.
  • The hardware includes integrated AC/DC power supply, power meter, signal generator, oscilloscope, AC/DC charging simulation controller, and AC/DC load.
  • The software encompasses test items that are compliant with SAE-J1772, CNS 15511, CHAdeMO, GB/T 18487, GB/T 27930, GB/T 34657.1, GB/T34657.2, GB/T 34658, DIN 70121, and ISO/IEC 15118 international standards. Users can also use this open platform to write test items as per their test requirements.

Electric Vehicle AC Charging Compatibility ATS
▲Electric Vehicle Charging Compatibility ATS

The CHAdeMO Association in Japan accounted its collaboration with China, the world’s largest EV market, to speed up the development of a unified standard and accelerating EV market development to mainstream society. Chroma has a wide range of multi-functional automatic test systems in rated power to test the electric control units of electric vehicles/hybrid vehicles, which can be applied to EVSE (electric vehicle supply equipment, charging pile), on-board charger, DC/DC converter, and motor driver, etc. This enables us to provide global customers with diversified solutions expanding the market share in EV industry.

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