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Chroma 17011 Improves the Testing Quality of the Super Capacitor (EDLC)

Electrical Double Layer Capacitor (EDLC) technology has reached maturity in its development and has recently been applied to related applications. Compared to the lithium-ion battery, the EDLC has a longer lifespan, better reversibility, lower internal resistance, and a higher output power that can be used in emergency backup systems, electric vehicles, renewable energy, and smart wearables. As higher demands are rendered following the extended applications in products inspection and practical use simulation, in addition to the general charge, discharge and cycle life reliability tests, the IEC 62391 standard for quality inspection is a must, in which the capacitance (C) and internal resistance (DCR) are the two major indicators.

Chroma 17011 – A Solution Specifically Designed for Testing EDLC

Chroma 17011 High Precision Charge & Discharge Test System 
▲Chroma 17011 High Precision Charge & Discharge Test System 

Multiple Current Ranges, Microsecond Current Response and High Sampling Rate

Multiple current ranges are designed for test systems in different specifications, allowing the test step to select an appropriate range maintaining a high-precision and high-resolution test quality at any time. Even in constant voltage test mode, the range will switch automatically when the current decreases gradually to avoid causing any output interruption. The current response speed is up to 100μS satisfying the test requirements for various transient power outputs simulation. Meanwhile, the inbuilt 10mS high speed sampling rate makes sure the test data is not distorted.

Built-in Test Modes Compliant with IEC 62391 Standard to Fast Fetch Indicative Data

To save the complicated calculating procedures and human error, the Chroma 17011 test system provides test modes that are compliant with IEC 62391 standard for EDLC testing. The system automatically computes accurate capacitance(C) or internal resistance (DCR) through simple parameter settings. Moreover, it can select 2-in-1 test mode when the same test conditions are applied to get diversified data indicators in a single test procedure for rapid EDLC quality evaluation.

▲IEC 62391 Test Modes

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