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Chroma High-Power Battery Simulator Applied to EV Testing

For the testing of EV cars and components, most manufacturers will use a battery simulator to replace the real battery. Along with the increasing endurance of new energy vehicles and the advancements of quick charging stations, even higher power battery simulators are needed to play the role of battery packs during product development and verification of motor drivers, charging stations, etc.

Most DC fast charging devices on the market have a power range of up to 50kW-350kW. Because of their high output voltage and power, a bidirectional DC voltage source or battery simulator needs to be set up on the test bench to replace the actual battery pack during developing. Major advantages of using a battery simulator over a real battery during testing include that the set values for the battery’s internal resistance, energy capacity, and output voltage can be changed in real time. Secondly, it provides more safety features such as real-time monitoring and automatic protection functions. Thirdly, its regenerative function enables energy reuse and reduces the costs of treating waste heat. In addition, when users need battery charge/discharge testing, the Chroma 17040 allows them to directly switch between the battery charger/discharger and battery simulator functions.

Chroma 17040 offers additional cost control as it is also equipped with a dual-cabinet parallel connecting function for future equipment scalability. For instance, apply the testing equipment to battery packs and other EV related components, such as motor driver, DC EVSE, OBC/D2D, etc. The photo below shows how a client put the Chroma 17040 250kW/2CH battery simulator to use for testing and verification of high-power DC quick charging stations.

▲Client using the Chroma 17040 battery simulator to test high-power DC quick charging stations

Chroma 17040 key features and specifications:

  • Max. output power range: 60kW to 600kW
  • Max. voltage and current: 1000V / 1500A; full power output or full current output even with voltage >700V.
  • Voltage quick response mode: 10msec.; voltage slew rate: 5V/ms.
  • Using SiC MOSFETs to raise switching frequency, reduce temperature rise, and increase the equipment’s lifespan, accuracy, and stability.
  • Regenerative discharge mode with Eff. >90%, PF >0.95, and THD  <5%; simultaneous support of battery charge/discharge and battery simulator functions.

Chroma 17040 also provides a Softpanel for users to set battery characteristics and import charge/discharge simulation curves. Visit the website for more details on the software.

Chroma ATE Inc. is a world-leading supplier of precision test and measurement instrumentation, automated test systems, intelligent manufacturing systems, and test & automation turnkey solutions. Over the last several years, power batteries and EV key components testing equipment have been a focus point for its R&D. Chroma’s test equipment have been adopted by major producers around the world (incl. in China, Europe, U.S., Japan, Korea, India, and Southeast Asia) on test workbenches in various fields, such as EV charging stations, EV battery packs, fuel cells, energy storage systems, motor drivers, OBCs, et cetera. Manufacturers and third-party laboratories alike have appraised especially the regenerative battery simulator, battery management system, super capacitor, and battery end-of-line test systems.

If you have any questions or enquiries about battery and automated testing systems, please leave your contact details so one of our specialists can contact you. Visit the Chroma website to discover more testing solutions: