Chroma ATE Inc.

Chroma Introduces a Compatibility Test Solution for Electric Vehicle and EV Supply Equipment (EVSE)

The media recently reported that electric vehicles cannot be charged in public location...

EVT Technology successfully inspected lithium battery pack problems by driving simulation test

Chroma has leveraged its successful experience in power electronic testing to power bat...

Energy-Hybrid PV Inverter & Micro Grid Simulation Test Solution

In recent years the alternative energy of photovoltaic and wind power generation are in...

Major Upgrade of Model 8000 PV Testing – Complying with Various Standards to Gain Larger PV Inverter Market Share

Since the solar energy industry has developed for many years, the technology of PV inve...

How to perform the multi-string Battery Management System (BMS) Test for electric vehicle & storage battery effectively?

Along with the growth of electric vehicle and energy storage device, the Battery Manage...

Chroma Model 63600 series Electronic Load – Arbitrary Loading Current Waveform

In the field of power supply testing, the electronic load provides all types of testing...

Chroma satisfies your testing needs in coping with the trend of charger ID pin design

The USB chargers _disibledevent="../../product/8020_Adapter_Charger_ATS.htm">www.chroma...

Chroma In-line LED Lighting Test System Earns 2013 Aurora Award

LEDinsde “Aurora Award 2013” is divided into a number of awards which is el...

EPISTAR Corp. adopts Chroma’s LED Power Driver ATS Solution

The professional LED chip manufacturer - EPISTAR CORPORATION has adopted the LED automa...

TEC Used For Thermal Test Of Semiconductors

Semiconductor testing at a wide range of temperatures during manufacturing test, with t...

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