Chroma ATE Inc.

Chroma Launches Its New 1200V High Power DC Loads - the 63200A Series

With the rapid development of the sustainable energy and cloud services industries, man...

Chroma Electric Vehicle Test Solutions

As test applications increase within the EV/PHEV market, Chroma has developed a line of...

Xuchang KETOP Testing Technology Co., Ltd. Selects Chroma’s Automated Testing Solution to Validate AC/DC Charging Stations for EV

Recent electric bus fires in southern China have increased public concern for the safet...

Restoring of distorted main waveform by Chroma AC Source

Restoring of distorted main waveform by Chroma AC Source Due to the rapid growth of IT...

Chroma Provides Energy Storage Battery Test Solutions for Power Grid Frequency Regulation System

The proportion of solar and wind power generation is increasing. However, the power gen...

Tianjin Automotive Test Center (TATC) Selects Chroma’s EV Core Components Solution for New EV Certification Tests to Guarantee Electric Car Safety

To fulfill the testing demands of the fast-growing electric vehicle (EV) industry, the ...

Manufacturing Testing of Fast Chargers for Mobile Devices with Increased Efficiency

High-definition display, high-speed internet and multi-core processors have become the ...

Chroma cooperated with REIS Robotics to complete an automated inspection solution for battery module production

During the production of battery modules, a testing inspection station is often added n...

New Efficient Test Instrument for Home Energy Storage System – Chroma 63800 Series AC Electronic Load

With increased emphasis _disibledevent="../../contactus/index"> &nbs...

Chroma Releases Laser Diode Characterization System : Model 58620

Chroma ATE has announced its state-of-the-art design of Laser Diode Characterization Sy...

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