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Message from the CEO

Continuous Improvement in Chroma Technology is a Responsible and Sustainable Practice

High Standards of Corporate Governance Ensures a Functioning Board of Directors

The results of corporate governance are first on the agenda: a total of 5 seats are allocated to directors and 2 seats to supervisors in the reported year. 2 seats, or 40% of the board, are occupied by independent directors. The directors exercise their powers with the long-term interests of the shareholders and corporation in mind. We continue to follow the principles of corporate governance. The board of directors is formed by shareholder votes, and committees of various functions are set up under the board to strengthen its performance. High standards of corporate governance therefore ensure a functioning board of directors that safeguards the interests of shareholders.

Key Player in Global Green Products

The results from the 21st session of the Conference of the Parties (COP21) under the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCCC) have indicated that the key to dealing with climate change from increasing CO2 concentration lies in the promotion of energy efficiency and CO2 reduction. It includes efficiency in the use of electrical energy as well as the development and use of clean energy. 

It is my honor to announce that over 90% of Chroma's R&D projects can effectively assist the clients in reaching the aforementioned goals. We have achieved a total of 27 tangible R&D results during the reported period, 25 of which deal directly or indirectly with green production process and products in different industries worldwide. In addition, 22 of the R&D results have assisted the clients in raising electrical energy efficiency and 3 are involved in the development and use of clean energy. We have been instrumental in the development of green products in different industries worldwide.

Renewable Energy is Best for Sustainability

With the rise of the clean energy industry, demands have remained strong for electric vehicles, lithium batteries and cloud servers. Revenues for our sophisticated electronic measuring instruments and system products have been steadily growing at 4%. The measuring equipment for electric vehicle batteries is a prime example of our efforts. In a 12 ppm (production per minute: batteries produced per minute) electric vehicle battery production line, electricity consumption is reduced by 50% which is the equivalent of NT$8 million per year.

Many people believe that, compared to gasoline, electricity is an excellent clean energy. However, what is not often mentioned is that during activation batteries go through several 20-hour cycles of charging and discharging. In other words, battery production actually consumes a substantial amount of electrical energy. For this reason, Chroma developed a battery formation system that effectively recycles electrical energy during production. I believe that renewing electrical energy is best for sustainability. Lastly, a new headquarter and important production centers are being built. Air conditioning equipment, space planning, lighting control system, water recycling and other green projects will be our primary focus and will allow us to recycle electrical energy and water resources more effectively.

Well-Being of Employees is a Blessing for Chroma

In our Taiwan headquarter and production centers, the same human rights policy is applied regardless of nationality, sex, age and ethnicity. Our goal is to become a leading corporation in employee and management diversity. One example regarding employee health clearly illustrates the idea of employee care. We are heading into our 9th year of weight loss competitions, and have organized more than 100 health seminars. Combined with a healthy selection of food in our cafeteria, employees are encouraged to exercise regularly in order lose weight and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Combining Industry Practices with Social Participation

I have always believed that combining industry practices with social participation should be the core of Chroma’s CSR policy. In 2015 the Chroma Taiwan Tech R&D Center was founded in collaboration with National Taiwan University of Science and Technology. 6 million worth of power electronic equipment was donated in the first year, and 5 million a year had been provided for industry-university cooperation for 3 consecutive years. A total of 10 million was offered in the first year. The combination of university research capabilities and Chroma’s industry insight is ideal for the development of young talents. Finally, Chroma also provides scholarships and internship opportunities for Taiwan Tech students. Early exposure to corporate culture and industry trends will prepare the younger generation for global sustainable development.

CSR Report Download

First GRI G4&AA1000 Dual Certificate from BSI

Report Overview

This is the second CSR report that Chroma has published. We intend to provide reports of our non-financial performance to the outside world on a yearly basis and take concrete steps towards realizing our vision of sustainability. The 2015 Chroma CSR report has been granted certification from the British Standards Institution (BSI) for the first time. The general manager of BSI Taiwan branch Peter Pu awarded the certificate in person to Paul Ying, the vice general manager of Finance & Administration Center at Chroma.

Reported Period

From January 1, 2015 to December 31, 2015. The previous report was published in December 2015, and the next report is expected before December 2017. During the reported period no significant changes are observed in organizational size, structure, ownership or supply chain.

Compilation Guidelines

This report is compiled based on the global Reporting Initiative, Sustainability Reporting Guidelines Version 4.0 (GRI G4). GRI G4 General Standard Disclosures are adhered to in accordance with core option. GRI G4 annex of this report is provide as cross-reference for the content in each individual section.

Assurance Standard and Body

In accordance with resolution adopted from meetings at the highest levels of management, external assurance is sought after in order to enhance report credibility. The British Standards Institution (BSI) is commissioned for report certification using the 2008 version of AA1000 Assurance standard set out by the global non-profit organization Account Ability. In addition, type 1 application and moderate assurance are used in the assurance standard.

Results: Independent Third-Party Assurance Statement

The BSI assurance statement points out that the report conforms to the principles of inclusivity, materiality and responsiveness. It is also stated on the audit report that this annual report discusses the issue of sustainability in depth. It is commendable that the organization’s CSR operation has been incorporated into its management. Future CSR policies are to be implemented accordingly. An independent third party assurance statement is awarded by BSI.

External Measures of Report

All financial data are from the consolidated financial reports of Deloitte Taiwan audited and certified according to the International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS). In addition, both the ISO 9001:2008 quality management system and the ISO/TS 16949:2009 automotive quality management system are approved by the independent third-party certification body SGS.

Contact Information

If you have any suggestions for the 2015 Chroma CSR Report, please contact us in the following ways. For ease of reference, this report is also published on our website. <Here

Address: 66 Huaya 1st., Guishan, Taoyuan 33383
Contact: Paul Ying
Phone: +886-3-327-9999

▼ BSI GRI G4&AA1000 Dual Certificate

BSI GRI G4&AA1000 Dual Certificate

Brand Value and Corporate Commitment 
World-Class products form World-Class Corporation

World-Class Products: Precision、Reliability、Uniqueness
World-Class Corporation: Innovative Technology、"Chroma" Brand、Globalization

Our brand value lies in the links between our business operations and CSR, aimed at the clientele of energy efficient products such as electric vehicles, LED lighting systems, solar energy, and fuel cells. The clientele also chooses many of Chroma’s products for test solution, contributing to a sustainable future for all. Our 5 corporate commitments: vision, spirit, culture, policy, value allow us to develop world-class products and become a world-class corporation.

Global Operations Support

Global Operations Support