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AUO PV Inverter Testing Lab Applying Chroma’s Power Electronics Test Solution

Due to the global warming issues in recent years, the trend of Eco-Consciousness is growing everywhere on the earth. Countries all over the world are investing in the research and development of alternative energy especially the inexhaustible resource – solar energy. To cope with this trend, the number one TFT-LCD manufacture in Taiwan – AU Optronics Corporation (AUO) has entered the PV market officially, while Chroma ATE on the strength of more than 20 years of testing experience in power supply field has provided the PV Inverter Test Solution to advance with times. In the AUO Test Lab, performance evaluation and tests must be done before installing various PV Inverters; the Automatic Test System provided by Chroma is adopted with the consideration of professional technology and service.

As the AUO is going into the business of solar energy industry, the capacity will be deployed in Taiwan, China, Czech and Malaysia. The silicon modules will be the primary products in the initial stage and cut into Thin-Film Photovoltaic field in 2011. From the Single-crystalline silicon/ Polysilicon in the upstream and the solar cell in the midstream to the solar module in the downstream, the AUO has built up the global leading operation pattern. The AUO estimates the production capacity of solar module will reach 450MW this year and doubled the following year. With the explosive power to be shown in the coming year, the AUO is expected to become the leader of solar energy industry in Taiwan.

The 8000 series PV Inverter Automatic Test System provided by Chroma ATE not only integrates the Solar Array Simulator DC power supply with programmable I-V curve for output, the digital power analyzer and programmable AC Power Source, but also has flexible software platform. The built-in standard test items that complied with the test regulations in worldwide are very applicable for R&D, item validation, regulation tests and so are for mass production tests.

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