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LED Power Driver Test Solution

Chroma has defined this test specification to further advance the quality and technical development of the LED driver based on its 26 years of specialized knowledge in the power testing field and the professional testing experiences of various manufacturers.

As competition in the market increases, the LED driver’s quality is paramount. Currently, few test standards for the LED driver exist, creating a variance in quality. This test guide is aimed to help the market improve its development.

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LED Power Driver Test Solution

In this 47 page test guide you will find 

1. Scope
2. Terminology & Definition

2.1 LED Power Driver
2.2 Output Voltage
2.3 Output Current
2.4 Ripple Current
2.5Peak to Peak Current

3. Product Categories

3.1 Product Types
3.1.1  By Industry
3.1.2  By Current Output
3.1.3  By Voltage Output

4. Test Item, Specification & Purpose

4.1  Output Performances
4.2  Input Characteristics
4.3  Regulation Tests
4.4  Timing & Transient
4.5  Protection Tests

5. Test Set-up

5.1 Test Device Diagram
5.2 Recommended Device Function & Specification

6. Reference