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Major Upgrade of Model 8000 PV Testing – Complying with Various Standards to Gain Larger PV Inverter Market Share

Since the solar energy industry has developed for many years, the technology of PV inverter has become more mature these days. The requirements of PV inverter for the major standards are more rigorous; however, the implementation of standards varied with the location in the world and the applicable ranges are different as well. When a new product is launched, its sales area needs to be considered and the standards that are important to the area need to be complied to get a larger market share.

Chroma 8000 ATS is an automatic test system that can test a variety of power supply products. Following the development of green energy industry, several proprietary automatic test systems such as 8491 / 8000 PV / 8000 EV are derived from the 8000 ATS. The 8000PV is targeting on the test application on PV inverters.

The 8000 PV Automatic Test System has made a huge upgrade to cope with the PV inverter test standard.

1. Precise I – V curve generation

For the input conditions of PV inverter, the Sandia & EN50530 two standards have made clear demands. As the standards’ definitions for the I-V curve of PV inverter are different, the 8000 PV ATS is able to create the input conditions that fully comply with these two standards through the integration of software, firmware and hardware. It makes the data generated from all test items more persuasive.

8000 PV simulates I-V curve of various features
8000 PV simulates I-V curve of various features


2. Standard test items for PV inverter specifically

This upgrade also added the standard test items such as conversion efficiency measurement, maximum power point tracking efficiency measurements and output over voltage protection, etc. These test items have included in various important standards like EN50530, UL1741, CGC/GF004, JETGR0002, GB/T 19939, IEEE 1547 & IEEE 1547.1, which are appreciated and frequently applied around the world to become the basic requirements for PV inverter factory test. The 8000 PV ATS included them as standard test items for use directly or as the template for special test item modification.

8000 PV Standard Test Items Menu with Hint of Compliant Standards
8000 PV Standard Test Items Menu with Hint of Compliant Standards

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Model 8000 PV Inverter ATS

PV Inverter Test Solution

PV Inverter Test SolutionChroma PV Inverter Test Solution