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Chroma Launches Its New 1200V High Power DC Loads - the 63200A Series

With the rapid development of the sustainable energy and cloud services industries, many power plants have invested significant resources in developing sustainable power sources (solar energy, wind power, hydrogen and fuel cells, and electric vehicle-related) and server power to cope with growing market demands. As tests for these power sources are essential, Chroma has created a news series of high power DC loads – the 63200A series – to meet our customers’ needs for large power supply testing.

High Power DC Electronic Load

The newly released 63200A series of high power programmable DC loads are very compact and designed with a focus on ease of use.

In terms of the outward appearance, the high power density design creates a small package with greater power output. Depending on the desired power level, the DC loads are packaged into either desktop or tower types. The extremely bright VFD display allows users a clear view of test results. On the tower type, the operation panel tilts so that users can easily view and operate the unit whether sitting or standing.

For functional specifications, these DC Loads have three operating voltages available - 150V, 600V and 1200V. The maximum current output of a single load is up to 2,000A, with power up to 24kW. A maximum power up to 240kW can be achieved by using multiple loads in parallel. Users can choose applicable models based on demand for testing either sustainable, or server, power.

The 63200A series have three built in ultra-high precision settings and measurement ranges, and an industry leading measurement accuracy achieving 0.04%+0.04%F.S. for various applications. Practical functions include user-defined dynamic waveform (to simulate power-on transient current change or car startup current change), automatic and fast OCP/OPP testing, sine wave load current, and are also equipped with internal dynamic load frequency auto sweep to fulfill customers’ testing requirements. In addition, all models of the series are designed to a uniform width. Both desktop and tower type models can be mounted into a standard 41U rack enclosure in order to maximize space.

User-defined Dynamic Current Waveform

With 30+ years of experience in test and measurement instrumentation, Chroma is creating innovative power electronics testing solutions and providing the industry with highly reliable and high performance testing instruments.

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