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Employee Care
Employee Care

Occupational Safety and Health Management

We have formed an occupational safety and health committee based on article 23 of the Occupational Safety and Health Act. Employee representatives make up 40% of this committee dedicated to occupational safety and health. Our employees have not engaged in any work that is risky for their safety or health. We are also expected to launch the OHSAS 18,001:2007 occupational safety and health management system and the TOSHMS third-party verification in 2016

▼ Work Injury Types, Work Injury Frequency, Occupational Disease, Days Lost and Absentee Rate during Reported Period

Win-Win in Labor Relations

Employee rights and labor services are affected when significant operational changes are instituted. We fully abide by article 16 of the Labor Standards Act with respects to the minimum notice period for the termination of labor contract. Our comprehensive group insurance plans include premiums that are fully borne by the company. Items covered: term insurance, injury insurance, serious burn injury insurance, limited medical insurance,hospitalization insurance, cancer insurance,occupational accident insurance and critical illness advance payment. Pension plans in compliance with the Labor Standards Act and the Labor Pension Act are also available, as well as family support, employee travel and grants for community activities.

▼ Total Number and Distribution of New and Former Employees by Age, Gender and Region

Parental Leave System in Compliance with Gender Equality Act

We strive to implement a gender-equal system of maternity leave, parental leave and other forms of leave of absence in order to retain top talents, boost employee morale and productivity.

In compliance with the gender equality act in employment, a system of parental leave without pay has been implemented. Both male and female employees are eligible to apply. Requirements include: (1) current employees at time of application (2) minimum of 6 month employment in corporation (3) children aged 3 or less (4) parental leave of no less than 6 months, with maximum of 2 years for each application.

▼ Percentage of Reinstatement and Retention

▼ Percentage of Reinstatement and Retention Post-Parental Leave by Gender

Chroma Grows through Learning

Average Hours of Training per Employee per Year by Gender and Employment Position CSR Report Download

Management by Object
Linking System of Promotion and Rewards

Management by Object has been implemented since 2010. It effectively combines company vision, strategic goals and employee goals through human resources.

Organizational feedback and communication are made through (a) 2 dimensions: result dimension and behavioral dimension, (b) 3 stages: opening setup, midterm review and final assessment, (c) 2 objectives: employee development and human resource policies. In light of difficulties in measuring the objectives of direct labor and low-level administrative personnel, the old performance review system has been kept intact. Results from performance management are clearly reflected in our system of promotion management and rewards. This is a prime example of performance review applied in human resources. All employees, except department-level managers and foreign employees, are subject to regular performance and career development reviews starting from the end of their three month probation period.

1,178, or 81% of all employees, received regular performance and career development reviews in 2015. 920 male employees from that total received regular reviews, or 80% of all male employees at the end of the report. 258 female employees from that total received regular reviews, or 85% of all female employees at the end of the report. More information on employee reviews by employment position during the reported period is available in “Employees Receiving Regular Performance and Career Development Reviews by Gender and Employment Position”.

▼Employees Receiving Regular Performance and Career Development Reviews by Gender and Employment Position CSR Report Download

Employees Receiving Regular Performance and Career Development Reviews by Gender and Employment Position CSR Report Download

Defending Labor Rights

There are 208 foreign employees in Taiwan’s 4 operation centers, which is 14% of all employees in Taiwan. 155 Filipinos make up the bulk of the group and represent 75% of all foreign employees. The results of our foreign employee human rights policies are disclosed based on the GRI G4 human rights index. We have not found any incidents of (1) discrimination (2) violation of freedom of association and collective bargaining rights (3) child labor (4) forced or compulsory labor. Our channels of communication with employees remain open through our employee complaint hotline: (03) 327-9580 and our employee complaint email: A bilingual personnel dedicated to day-to-day communication with foreign employees is also available. No employee complaints were filed through official complaint mechanism during the reported period, only 5 cases of suggestion were filed for the restaurant in our Linkou plant. We have responded and dealt with all issues raised.

A labor union has not been established for our corporation, but communication and collective bargaining are available through regular labor-management conferences based on the labor act. Additional conferences are also held periodically in compliance with article 83 of the Labor Standards Act. Issues like labor-management cooperation, labor relations, working conditions and employee welfare are discussed through further consultation when necessary. In compliance with article 56 of the Labor Standards Act, a labor pension fund supervisory committee shall convene periodic conferences. Specific provisional conferences shall be held for pension fund audits, capital saving and spending, and pension fund payments.

Also, we have confirmed that no cases of compulsory labor were observed in our Chroma plant in Linkou. Looking ahead to our next annual CSR Report, policy statements from important suppliers will also be disclosed. Extending our reporting to suppliers, along with further education on the Labor Standards Act and human rights, are crucial to our fight against forced and compulsory labor.

Complete Support System For Foreign Employees from Afar

Take the Linkou headquarters in Taiwan as an example, all foreign employees are provided with food and accommodation. No cases of forced labor have been reported. The average daily spending on food and accommodation is NT $116, which is well below the average in other parts of Taiwan. The same restaurant and quality food are shared among all local and foreign employees three times a day, Monday to Friday. A stipend is paid for food during the weekend. In terms of accommodation, a well-ventilated and clean dormitory with air conditioning and indoor heating has been provided. Finally, our human resource department has arranged a current employee to be the liaison officer. ”Susan mom”, also lives in the dormitory along with other foreign employees. The liaison officer serves as a direct channel of communication with Chroma’s foreign employees. Appropriate action can be directly taken to address their needs and concerns. Our current liaison officer has been with Chroma for more than 5 years, and ensures high levels of communication that is conducive to better human rights practices.

Employee Diversity

▼ Employee Gender Distribution                                                ▼ Employee Nationality Distribution

Equal Employment Opportunities for All

Composition of All Members of Corporation by Gender, Age, Minority Status and Other Diversity Indices
CSR Report Download

Chroma Receives 2017 Exercise Enterprise Certification

Complete Healthcare Services

Friendly Clinic Services

A clinic offering a wide-range of medical resources is available at our headquarter, Professional and user-friendly services have been developed to improve the synergy between the environmental safety center, clinic and employees. Other facilities include health journals, bulletin boards, prescription, measurement, consultation and a lounge. The clinic is not only a place for healthcare services, but also a place for social interaction between employees. Nursing rooms have also been set up for our female employees. The popularity of our healthcare services has been growing since 2012. A total of 2,967 people took advantage of these services in 2015.

Clinic Service Statistics 

CSR Report Download

Chinese and Western Medical Services

In collaboration with the department of family medicine from Linkou Chang Gung Memorial Hospital, 2 physicians have been assigned to our corporation. 1 male and 1 female physician are available twice a week for 3 hours each time. Services include family health consultation, injury and disease prevention, evaluation on work assignment and resumption, activity recommendation, health management, medical referral, plant and operational hazards evaluation, among others. Starting from 2015, Chinese medical services are also available one Wednesday once a month from 14:00 to 17:00. Traditional Chinese medical services include consultation, prescription, ointments and tui na therapy. The quality medical services are provided to all of our employees free of charge.

Physician visits

Physicians regularly visit our production lines to assess potential safety hazards and make recommendations on employee posture, workplace humidity and equipment safety standards, etc.

Free Cancer Screening Tests

In compliance with the Bureau of Health Promotion policies, free cancer screening tests are offered for breast cancer, cervical cancer, oral cancer and colorectal cancer. The goal of early detection and treatment is accomplished through the promotion of cancer prevention and regular screening tests.

Health Point System

Launched in 2013, the number of participants has increased by 36% in 2015. These activities continue to attract employee participation. Points are accumulated through attendance of Chroma’s health and public sporting events. The aim is to add a little fun to health-related activities.

Business Travel and Health

The health education program was started in 2014, and the number of participants reached 511 in 2015. A business travel pack was designed for our employees, containing:

  1. surgical masks according to number of days traveled: 1/day.
  2. bandages: depending on type of travel.
  3. reusable thermometer card: 1.
  4. health education leaflets: health tips.

IHealth Website

The implementation of a cloud-based health management system in 2015 helped resolve the issue of saving and tracking the health data. The accumulation of patient record in the system made it possible to analyze risks through big data. Corresponding health policies can then be formulated. The main functions of the system include:

  1. important announcements.
  2. latest medical information and disease outbreak news.
  3. health promotion activities and event registration/consultation/cancellation.
  4. consult/save/print/analyze individual health reports. The new function was installed in 2015. In the past data was only accessible with the help of medical staff. Employees can now log in to the system themselves, making the overall experience more user-friendly.
  5. self-login.
  6. health risk assessment, metabolic syndrome and Framingham risk score.
  7. appointment/consultation/cancellation for western physicians within 14 days.
  8. appointments for physicians of Chinese medicine can only be made through medical staff.
  9. consultation of academic and professional background of physicians.
  10. all clinic websites and links to appointment systems.
  11. medical consultation.
  12. consultation for nutrition information.

9th Weight Loss Competition Encouraging Regular Exercises

Activity information

  • Dates: Aug 17, 2015 ~ Nov 5, 2015 (2.5 months)
  • For: employees divided into teams of at least 3 people a team.
  • Goal: each team member needs to lose 3% body weight and attend all 4 health seminars organized during this activity. A final report is also expected from the team members.
  • 6 final awards: 1 champion in individual category, best proportion, weight loss reporting, etc.


  • Number of participants: 48 compared to 33 from year before.
  • Total weight loss in competition: 172.4 kg compared to 81.5 kg from year before.
  • Average weight loss per person: 3.59 kg compared to 2.47 kg from year before.
  • Awards: champion of individual category has a pre-competition weight of 75.1 kg and a post-competition weight of 62.3 kg, which is a total weight loss of 12.8 kg

9th Weight Loss Competition CSR Report Download

26 Health Seminars Raise Awareness for Healthy Lifestyle

Health knowledge that can lead to quality lifestyle for employees is offered through 26 seminars and events in 2015, with an average of more than 1 per month. The annual attendance was 1,234. Common physical and mental health issues in the office are discussed, such as prevention of spine-related issues. The emphasis on family life and gender equality is also evident in our course planning. A few examples include: seminar on 5 qualities of children, courses on child EQ and self-esteem. For more course information, please consult “2015 health seminar statistics” in the appendix.

Employee Earnings and Welfare

Standard Pension Fund

Those who are eligible to the Labor Standards Act shall receive the pension fund every month. The contribution is supervised by and made in the name of our pension fund committee through the Bank of Taiwan. Those who are qualified for the Labor Pension Act shall receive the pension fund in their Bureau of Labor Insurance accounts every month. The contribution is based on an earnings scale approved by the Executive Yuan and has a rate of no less than 6%.

Comprehensive Insurance Plans

In compliance with the laws, we have set up labor insurance, national health insurance and group insurance for every one of our employee. The totality of group insurance premium is borne by the corporation. Items covered are: term insurance, injury insurance, major burn insurance, limited medical insurance, hospital insurance, cancer insurance, occupational accident insurance and critical illness advance payment (90 day waiting period).

Bonuses and Benefits

Besides substantial earnings, other benefits include year-end bonus, dividend, three Chinese festival bonus, labor day bonus and birthday gift certificates.

Family Support Grant

We offer multiple support programs for weddings, births, funerals, hospitalizations and other types of emergencies.

Superior Leave System

In addition to regular vacation policy, superior leave benefits like paid birthdays and 5-day sick leaves are also available.

Travel Benefits

Travel benefits are given based on seniority in the form of cash for domestic and international travels, and in the form of certificates for non-traveling employees. Additional domestic travels are also organized from time to time.

Commuter Benefits

Indoor/outdoor parking is free for scooters and charged at a low price for cars. Parking spaces have also been reserved for pregnant and handicapped employees. In addition, employees can take advantage of 5 shuttles lines connecting Taipei and Taoyuan. They are: the highway 5 line, the chongtai line, the xinpu line and the denan line. The commuting solution increases transit safety and lowers carbon footprint of all employees.

Safe and Comfortable Dormitory

Our 64-room dormitory is the ideal living arrangement for foreign and non-local employees. Women-only floors have also been set up to increase security.

Employee Clubs

Self-growth and social interaction carry high values in the workplace. Employees can take advantage of Chroma club grants when looking to form clubs based on their interests. At present there are a total of 11 clubs, including basketball, softball, badminton, table tennis, extreme sports, dance, hiking, fishing, flower arrangement, film and photography. Over 100 club events were held in 2015, and the percentage of employees who participate in sports clubs is about 20%. It is in our best interest to have healthy employees with a team spirit as Chroma strives to become a sustainable entity.

Restaurants with a Wide Selection of Meals

Employee restaurants were set up in our headquarter and Kaohsiung branch office in 1999, offering a variety of food services. Buffets, Chinese noodles, vegetarian meals, healthy meals, Taiwanese fast food, foreign employee breakfasts and dinners can be found in our headquarter. Buffets and noodles are also available in our Kaohsiung branch. In order to guarantee high levels of nutrition, food safety and hygiene, SGS Taiwan is invited ro conduct inspection every month. SGS Hygiene Monitoring (HM) is also applied every quarter to resolve any hygiene issues in a timely manner. Employees are charged NT$ 15 to enjoy a full meal.

Chroma Receives 2017 Exercise Enterprise Certification