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Social Participation and Charities
Social Participation and Charities

Industry-University Cooperation
Chroma Taiwan Tech R&D Center

A R&D Center has been founded with the collaboration of National Taiwan University of Science and Technology. Chroma donated 6 million worth of power electronic equipment in 2015, and will provide 5 million a year for industry-university cooperation for 3 consecutive years. A total of 10 million was offered in the first year. The combination of university research capabilities and Chroma’s industry insight is ideal for the development of young talents. Chroma also provides scholarships and internship opportunities for Taiwan Tech students so that they could be exposed to corporate culture and industry trends.

Chroma has had 3 years of collaboration in power electronics with Taiwan Tech. Our familiarity with each other has led to the founding of a R&D center. The main focus of our collaboration is on advanced power electronic instruments and dimension measuring technology. Power electronics encompass electrical energy recycling, application-specific conversion, R&D in efficient power converters, etc. Optical/automatic optical inspection (AOI) includes R&D in defect inspection of electronic components and micron level measurement.。

Beach Cleaning for a Tranquil Environment

On September 19, 2015, 51 employees and their families took part in the 1-day beach cleaning event hosted by the society of wilderness. The society of wilderness has been participating in beach cleaning since Earth Day 2008, and has responded to the International Coastal Cleanup initiative every fall staring from 2010. Waste management though beach cleaning is the first step towards the protection of marine habitats. One of our employees said after the event: beach cleaning is not only about the ocean, but also co-existence between humans and the environment. This type of action is what I call meaningful social participation.

2015 Donations

▼ Sponsorship for Construction of Xian-Qi Pavllion at NCTU。

▲ Certificate of Appreciation - “2015 International Coastal Cleanup” - Society of Wilderness

▲ Certificate of Appreciation “Uni-Joys Day Tour” - Canlove Social Service Association