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Chroma DC Power Supplies Integrate LV 148 Standard for Complete Vehicle Testing

In pace with the spread of automotive electronics, Europe’s Big Five automakers have jointly promoted 48V DC vehicle electrical systems. Next, the corresponding LV 148 automotive test standard was introduced. Chroma’s 62000P and 62000H power supplies are equipped with testing software that not only integrates the LV 148 regulations, but also incorporates the international standards of ISO 16750-2, GS 95024-2-1, VW 80000, and LV 123.

Users can easily control the DC power supplies to provide graphic curves for testing. This makes the 62000P&H series perfect for R&D and QA units to conduct durability and stability verification on automotive electronics such as the LED headlamp, ECU, windscreen wiper motor, power window, car audio, GPS, charger, et cetera.

For the 12V and 24V power systems commonly used in automobiles, the Chroma 62000P series gives up to 40V, 120A, and 2400W output, which suits testing automotive parts. The 40V, 375A and 15KW power output capability of the 62000H series is large enough to accommodate simulation of the entire vehicle’s power supply system. For 48V power systems, the Chroma 62150H-100P offers a wide output range of up to 100V, 375A, and 15000W; one device can operate with 48V and output 15KW.


LV 148 Standard

1 Long-term overvoltage for not voltage limited components
2 Transient pulse in the lower operating range
3 Recuperation
4 Slow reduction and slow increase of supply voltage (without battery)
5 Slow reduction and slow increase of supply voltage (with battery – Part 1 )
6 Reset behavior
7 Operation in the upper range with functional restrictions
8 Operation in the lower range with functional restrictions
9 Overvoltage range


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