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Webinar: Transform Your Creativities into Products with Chroma PXIe Tester

Thursday, April 9 2020
8:00 AM Pacific / 11:00 AM Eastern



Nowadays, it is very common to combine features into a single semiconductor chip, enabling a lot of creativities to come true. The smart phone as a good example: It combines phone, computing, GPS and other functions together. True Wireless Stereo (TWS) is another new application, which integrates Bluetooth, ear phones and speakers. Wireless transmission is enabled by a small chip built into the source and into the receiving device.

In this webcast, we will discuss the test challenges when combining different features into one semiconductor package. Chroma ATE's PXIe test platform provides an ecosystem to satisfy various test demands. We offer a variety of choices, from test cards and chassis to semiconductor test software. Chroma ATE also provides a complete semiconductor tester portfolio in different configurations, such as the 3380 VLSI test system, the 3650 SoC test system and the 3680 Advanced SoC test system.

What You'll Learn:

  • Understand critical choices in test strategies
  • See how Chroma is able to make innovation a reality with the PXIe Tester
  • Learn how to make semiconductor testing more efficient and speed up product time-to-market
  • Find out how to make a test plan for specific applications with a highly integrated and flexible test platform

About the Presenter:

Ms. Weiwen Wang, Product Manager
Chroma ATE Inc. Semiconductor Test Equipment BU

Weiwen Wang is currently the product manager in Chroma ATE's semiconductor test business unit. With a deep interest in product marketing specialized in user experience, she is focused on related challenges in semiconductor test systems. She is responsible for Chroma ATE's PXIe test platform and has brought to the PXIe tester useful features that create a user friendly environment. She is inspired by ecosystems in different industries, ranging from consumer electronics, telecom data communications to creative industry… she even completed a thesis based on the idea of bridging elderly society to creative industry.