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2013 Investor Info
2013 Investor Info
2012 Letter to Shareholders

Dear Shareholders:

The year 2012 was a challenging year, given sluggish economic environment and capital spending. This has particularly reflected from our LED and solar sectors as because of the slow transformation of LED lighting market and solar market continuously worsen for the whole year due to overcapacity. Despite of this low sentiment market condition, Chroma have continued to invest in R&D for delivering competitive and niche products in order to maintain the solid operating model.

In the fiscal year of 2012, the consolidated sales revenues were NTD 11,747 million. Chroma’s parent only sales revenues reached NTD 4,174 million, a decrease of 22% compared with NTD 5,338 million in 2011. Net income reached NTD 945 million, a decrease of 38% from NTD 1,523 million, while basic earnings per share decrease to NTD 2.52, compared to NTD 4.06 in year 2011. EPS is based on weighted average outstanding shares of 375 million.

The board of directors has proposed the year 2012 dividend payout of NTD 2 cash dividend only. The dividend will be paid out after the resolution of Annual General Shareholder Meeting, scheduled on 10th of June 2013.

Moving forward, Chroma is well positioned to generate business growth in fiscal year 2013, given the economic environment remains some uncertainties. We expected the IC and LED sectors to be the major growth drivers of year 2013 sales revenues, due to development of new IC package (i.e. PoP, 2.5D) and accelerating transformation of LED light market. In addition, we are continuously promoting our turnkey solutions for seeking emerging market opportunity, such as LED lighting and battery pack industries. Chroma will continue to maintain its strong commitment in corporate governance and dividend policy as returns to our shareholder. We believe our strategy in continuing invest in R&D, the strong cash flow and solid operating model will enable us to maintain a strong position in testing equipment market for the future.

Leo Huang
Chairman and CEO
Chroma Ate Inc.

About Chroma
Chroma Ate Inc. was founded in November 1984. Chroma is world leading own brand supplier in electronic test and measurement equipment and system. Chroma provides integrated and customized solutions in Test and Measurement Instruments, Automatic Test Systems and Manufacturing Execution Systems. Chroma’s headquarters is located in Taoyuan, Hwa-Ya Technology Park, with engineering service offices worldwide including China, Europe, Taiwan and United States.