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How to perform the multi-string Battery Management System (BMS) Test for electric vehicle & storage battery effectively?

Along with the growth of electric vehicle and energy storage device, the Battery Management System (BMS) starts to have more than 4 strings of design on the market. The frequent seen designs are 7, 13, and 16 strings. The Battery Management System (BMS) is mainly focused on the safety protection of battery core to safeguard the Lithium-ion battery from burning or explosion due to over voltage and the leakage problem caused by under voltage. Moreover its communication function can send the battery status to the system so that the system can work with the battery pack together perfectly.

Though validation is required for every product design to ensure the product reliability and stability, most people have their hands tied in testing the multi-string battery management system. Even there is a way to do the test it cannot achieve the automatic, rapid, reliable and stable requirements.

Chroma applied the 8000 ATS which is well-known to the Power Electronic industry to battery testing by developing the Test Items specifically for battery industry to perform automatic tests on the Battery Management System (BMS). Chroma Model 8700 ATS has flexible hardware architecture that can expand the devices and add new test items to meet the status quo of highly customized and diversified testing requirements for the battery field products. It supports various types of hardware such as DC Power Supply, Electronic Load, LCR Meter and 6 1/2 digits meter, etc. for different kinds of automatic test applications.

The features of Model 8700 are: 1 to 25 strings of battery core status simulation, active and passive balance function tests, BMS IC firmware burn-in, BMS communication tests, over/under voltage protection tests (see also charging current status) and over charge/discharge current protection tests.

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Model 8700
Model 8700
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