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Chroma Introduces High Precision Source Measure Unit (SMU)-Model 52405e series

Chroma ATE, one of the world leading suppliers of electronic test, measurement and automation production, has announced the SMU cards in its line of PXI Express products. The 52405e is a high precision source measure unit with dual SMU channels.

Model 52400e series High Precision Source Measure Unit

Chroma ATE, one of the world leading suppliers of electronic test, measurement and automation production, has announced the new SMU model in its line of PXI Express products. The Chroma 52405e is a series of 3U PXI Express module that can host 2 programmable source/measure channels, each channel providing isolated ±25V at 1Amps as well as ±5V at 3.5Amps. The 18-bit DAC/ADCs provide current measurement resolution down to 10ρA. Sixteen programmable loops provide slew rates as fast as 8V/ µsec (from 0 to 25V within 3.125 µsec) allowing for reduced test times. Integrated thermal protection and active voltage/current clamps protect both SMU and DUT. The isolated design allows for stacking the outputs to provide higher voltages and lower noise. The built-in current ganging is designed to equally balance the load between paralleled SMU outputs.

The SMU combines four-quadrant operation with precision and high-speed measurement. This makes the SMU an ideal instrument in many parametric test applications ranging from ICs, two-leaded components such as sensors, LEDs, laser diodes, transistors, to solar cells, batteries and many other electronic devices.

The 52400e series features: 16 selectable control bandwidths to ensure high speed output and stable operation; multiple source/measure ranges with an 18-bit DAC/ADC to provide the best resolution and accuracy available with a sampling rate up to 100K s/S; programmable internal series resistance for battery simulation; ±force, ±sense and ±guards lines to avoid leakage current and reduce settling time -- especially useful for low current test applications.  

The 52400e series has a patented hardware sequence engine that uses deterministic timing to control each SMU. The sequencer's on-board memory can s tore up to 65535 sequencer commands and 32k measurement samples per channel, allowing cross module/ card synchronization and latency free output control and measurement. No PC communication is required during execution of the hardware sequencer test process.

The Chroma 52405eseries are 3U PXI Express module, offering two SMU channels per single slot, with high performance features as follows:

  • On board hardware sequencing engine for triggering and synchronization
  • 4-Quadrant operation, FVMI and FIMV
  • 9 Voltage force/measure ranges, from ± 25V to ± 100mV
  • 9 Current force/measure ranges, ± 3.5A to 1µA.
  • 16 Loop bandwidth/slew rate selections
  • 8V/µSec min, 0 to 25V = 3.125uSec
  • 6 wire connection, ± Force, ± Sense, ±Guard
  • 18bit ADC/DAC with sample rates up to 100Khz
  • Programmable output resistance
  • Current ganging of up to 8 SMU instruments
  • Voltage ganging of up to 100V
  • 12-bit programmable compliance
  • Calibration data stored in on-board NVRAM

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