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New Efficient Test Instrument for Home Energy Storage System – Chroma 63800 Series AC Electronic Load

With increased emphasis on reducing carbon dioxide emissions and energy savings for environmental protection, a Smart Home concept is being promoted by experts to make “LIVING” wiser, more energy-efficient and environmentally friendly. The “Smart Home” concept consists of energy storage systems (ESS), fuel cells, energy hybrid PV inverters and V2H charging stations, etc. All of these AC output devices require an accurate and reliable AC electronic load to perform inrush current testing and system storage analysis, and accurate load simulation for long- term testing to ensure the system’s stability.

Smart Grid

There are many AC Loads in the market that are equipped with basic modes — CC, CP and CR.  Besides these basic modes, the Chroma 63800 Series AC Load also provides rectified RLC mode which is implemented through a high speed DSP to simulate real RLC loading.

Bridge rectifiers are accommodated inside the power supplies such as switch mode power supplies (SMPS) and adaptors, which can connect to uninterruptible power systems (UPS), off-grid inverters, automobile inverters and AC power devices. The RLC loading mode is used to simulate real loading current of equivalent resistance (Rs) and equivalent inductance (Ls) in series; equivalent capacitance (C) and loading (RL) in parallel behind bridge rectifiers as shown in the diagram below.

Typical bridge rectifierTypical bridge rectifier

The user can utilize a real 24-hour load profile of home appliances to simulate the load conditions with the softpanel application, and the real waveform can be used to optimize the collocation of PV generators and storage batteries. As shown in the figure below, the X-axis indicates TIME (unit: minutes) while the Y-axis indicates the LOAD CHANGE (unit: watts).

Day ProfileDaily loading change

The 63800 Series not only supports single phase tests, but also supports 3-phase tests. 3 units of 63800 Series can be paralleled to meet 3-phase loading. The 63800 Series is able to parallel up to 5 units, 22.5kW for single phase and 15 units (5 units per phase), 67.5kW for 3-phase.

Chroma 63800

With 30+ years of experience in test and measurement instrumentation, Chroma is creating innovative power electronics testing solutions and providing the industry with highly reliable and high performance testing instruments.


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