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Manufacturing Testing of Fast Chargers for Mobile Devices with Increased Efficiency

High-definition display, high-speed internet and multi-core processors have become the new standard for Mobile Devices. As high-energy-density and high capacity are used to solve the battery lifespan problem, it increases the urgency for fast charging technologies such as Qualcomm Quick Charge 2.0, MTK Pump Express Plus, USB 3.1 PD, TI MaxCharge, OPPO VOOC and Apple 20V. Power supply/charger manufacturers are pressed to improve the production test capabilities without restricting delivery times.

quick charge

Qualcomm’s Quick Charge and Media Tek’s Pump Express are two major fast charging specifications for smart phones. Quick Charge 2.0 outputs high voltage and large power to fast charge the device battery, while Pump Express charges the lithium battery inside the mobile device to shorten the charging time with low loss and high efficiency. Compared to the charging architecture of high voltage or large current output, the Pump Express charger saves more energy and reduces carbon emissions. The USB Type C cable implemented with USB PD is able to output 5V~20V via communication controls and provides a maximum of 100W/5A power and current. The introduction of USB PD changes the adapter/charger usage of many years and it is highly possible to be the star product of the near future.


Though some fast-charging chip vendors will provide simple smart charger testing fixtures to power supply manufacturers, a more efficient test system is required that specializes in power testing. Chroma has the experience and expertise in the power test field and a close relationship with charger manufacturers. With 30+ years of experience in test and measurement instrumentation, Chroma is able to master the fast-charging theory and technology to quickly provide automated test systems for verifying the functions of Quick Charge 2.0, Pump Express and USB PD Type C. Chroma’s ATS is built on a software platform with open architecture and extendable hardware devices, and mass production testing can be implemented immediately for existing customers, as they only need to add the hardware and test items required - such as Q.C 2.0 device simulator, Pump Express current pulse modulator test items and USB PD emulator. For any questions regarding power testing solutions or other fast charger testing requirements, please visit our company website below and provide your contact information.

Chroma Model 8020 配接器/充电器自动测试系统

Model 8020 Adapter/Charger ATS