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Chroma Ranked No.11 in Taiwan's “Top 50 Performers”

Chroma ranked 11 in the top 50 companies with the best operating performance across all sectors in the CommonWealth Magazine’s Top 2000 Survey released on May 9, 2018. The ranking criteria were based on the revenue growth, after-tax profit growth rate, return on equity, and total after-tax net income to assess the overall performance for three years (2015 to 2017) from the top 2000 enterprises in manufacturing, services, and financial services sectors. Top 50 performers are characterized as shared enduring and stable but aggressive companies.

In 2017, Chroma’s revenue growth rate was 28.19% and after-tax profit growth rate was 48.72%, while the recent three years’ revenue growth rate, after-tax profit growth rate, and the total after-tax net profit were 23,99%, 43.80%, and NT$5.515 billion respectively.

Chroma ATE has been aiming to develop innovative products and leading technologies to cope with the future market trends and satisfy the global 1st tier customers testing needs. The research and development of the 3D sensing application, the Vertical-Cavity Surface-Emitting Laser (VCSEL) inspection equipment, was started about five years ago leading to flourished revenue growth in 2017. The booming EV market in recent years has led to the sales growth of energy battery measurement and smart-automation turnkey solutions. Prospecting the 8K display era to be inaugurated by Tokyo Olympics in 2020, Chroma released the 8K related test solutions in 2016 to meet the market demands. Chroma encompasses niche markets with advanced technologies that help customers create value products that also enrich Chroma’s brand value.

Chroma’s vision is to develop precise, reliable, and unique products and become a world-class enterprise of innovative technology and globalization under “Chroma” brand. Ranking high in the survey is in recognition of Chroma’s dedication to product uniqueness, technological innovation, and continuous improvement in long term organizational performance. Following the trend of Industry 4.0 for smart manufacturing worldwide, Chroma is one of the few companies that encompasses measurement and smart-automation. With more than 30 years of experience in the industry and added AI technology, Chroma is capable of providing customers with more complete Turnkey solutions.