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Lithium Battery Reliability Test Solution Chroma 17011 Charge/Discharge Test Systems

Guided by new energy policies of various countries, the market of electric vehicles and energy storage systems is developing rapidly, which in turn boosts the decades-long development of materials for lithium batteries. Although different applications require different lithium ion battery cells, it is certain that only strict and precise tests can effectively show the batteries’ actual performance and life, secure the reliability of your final products, and win costumers’ favor.

Chroma has combined its decades of experience in electronic precision measurement equipment with collected test application data and now launches the all-new Chroma 17011 Battery Cell Charge/Discharge Test Systems. It contains linear circuit models with low output noise and high measurement accuracy as well as regenerative bidirectional models with low heat consumption and dissipation. Renowned manufacturers across the globe have already adopted these test systems.

Desktop Models

The desktop models can function stand-alone and have multiple current ranges, fast current response, and high sampling rates. This high-class equipment is designed specifically for battery cell development and applied research.

Chroma 17011 Desktop Models
▲Chroma 17011 Desktop Models

System Models

According to current specifications and number of channels, you can flexibly integrate the systems into a standard 19-inch rack for use. Up to 64 channels can be configured and controlled by one IPC at the same time. These test systems are devised for quality verification and product development.

Chroma 17011 System Models
▲Chroma 17011 System Models

Low Output Noise and High Measurement Accuracy

The Chroma 17011 systems deliver high precision output and measurement up to ±0.015% of F.S. and the current range switches automatically in order to ensure the accuracy of the entire test. Its low output noise allows the 17011 systems to draw precise differential voltage curve diagrams for analysis of battery cell characteristics and capacity degradation.

Flexible System Integration

Besides system configuration, the Chroma 17011 also allows integration of an environmental chamber and a data logger, while simplifying the setting processes and saving you reporting time. Through the test software interface, you can simultaneously control the behavior of the charge/discharge test equipment and of the external temperature chamber. The data logger then sends the status data of the environmental chamber to be automatically included in the test reports.

Flexible System Integration

High Safety

The Chroma 17011 offers a variety of safety protections to reduce the cost/loss risk. Before starting, a contact check and polarity check can avoid testing under poor connection. During testing, besides mechanisms such as continuous loop resistance test and comprehensive protection test recipes, there are options for remote abnormal alarms, hardware protection, UUT, and environmental safety.

Chroma 17011 Charge/Discharge Test Systems Specifications
▲Chroma 17011 Charge/Discharge Test Systems Specifications

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