Chroma ATE Inc.

Chroma’s Testing Solutions for Electric Vehicle, Energy Storage and 5G Applications

Chroma will be present at TAITRONICS to display the latest in measurement solutions for testing applications across electric vehicles, power batteries, energy storage and 5G products inspection. The 2019 edition of TAITRONICS Taipei International Electronics Show (Oct. 16-18) will take place at Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center, Hall 1. We sincerely invite you to come experience these new developments at booth K3080!

Regenerative AC & DC Power Solutions - Save Over 93% Electricity

The 62000D bidirectional DC power supplies and 63700 regenerative DC electronic loads are amongst Chroma’s latest electronic load products. Both series have a high power density with 3U height and a maximum power of 18kW, even up to 180kW when paralleled, and 1800V maximum operation voltage. The USB, LAN, GPIB, and CAN interfaces provide remote control. Both series are more compact than traditional DC power supplies and electronic loads and create less thermal dissipation as to reduce the temperature rise of the testing environment. Therefore, the 62000D and 63700 series fit various test applications, including EV batteries discharging, photovoltaic array, charger station, high power supplies aging, OBC/BOBC reliability, energy storage system and fuel cell generator, etc.

All New Chroma Digital Twin Solution - E-Propulsion Test System

Chroma ATE is proud to announce our new energy E-Propulsion Test System. The system tests high-voltage power components and motor control of new energy vehicles, such as the motor, motor controller unit (MCU), transmission and E-Propulsion subsystems. Chroma advances Digital Twin system technology in the field of electric vehicle testing. The solution will incorporate Altair’s simulation and machine learning technologies with Chroma’s power supply, loading management and battery charge/discharge system, high-voltage/high-power simulation output to achieve dynamic real-time simulation. The integrated solution simulates system abnormal state and conducts failure mode analysis, in order to reduce product development risks and increase test efficiency.

Chroma Battery Cell Charge/Discharge Test System - High 0.015% F.S. Voltage Accuracy

Chroma 17011 battery cell charge and discharge test system is designed for reliability testing on lithium-ion battery (LIB) cells. It has a very high voltage accuracy of up to ±0.015% F.S. with current range switching automatically to maintain this testing accuracy. Its protection measures ensure data and test safety, ultimately reducing costs and loss risks. Choose a system that suits your testing needs; the linear circuit models produce very low output noise and ultra-high measurement accuracy, while the regenerative bi-directional models have low energy output up to 100A current output per channel. In addition, Chroma also offers an integrated solution with an environmental chamber that can be controlled easily through the software interface and a temperature data logger that conveniently incorporates data into the report.

Chroma Battery Pack Charge/Discharge Test System - Battery Tester/ Battery Simulator Function

Chroma 17040 regenerative battery pack test system offers high precision measurements and driving profile stimulations to enact battery capacity verification. Achieve fully automated charge/discharge testing through Chroma system integration. Use the Chroma 17040 series for battery pack capacity testing, products IQC and OQC inspection, design verification, and battery pack EOL testing in order to improve efficiency, lower costs, and avoid mistakes and risks. Test applications include electric vehicle, electric bus and electrical energy storage systems.

Chroma Battery Cell Insulation Tester - Filter out Defective Products In Advance

Chroma 11210 battery cell insulation tester accurately measures the leakage current (LC) and insulation resistance (IR) of (dry cell) lithium batteries and other insulation materials. The special circuitry allows for high speed testing (20ms) on the production line. The testing equipment can detect and analyze if there is any partial discharge or flashover occurring within the insulator during the high voltage measurements. It so can filter out potentially defective products and prevent them from entering into the market. Compared with traditional insulation tests that only measure the leakage current at the final stage, Chroma 11210 has entered a new realm in the field of insulation quality inspection.

Chroma Battery Cell Surge Tester - Fast Testing of Isolation Quality between Plates

Chroma 19311 battery cell surge tester tests the insulation quality between the positive and negative plates of the lead-acid battery cell. It applies a high voltage surge/impulse before the electrolyte injection and then judges the difference of the insulation quality by analyzing the resonant waveform. The Chroma 19311 series has an output voltage of up to 6kV, four terminal measurement, and a high-speed 200MHz sampling rate. Moreover, the multi-cell scanning test of the 19311-10 series is especially efficient; saving test time, decreasing labor costs, and boosting productivity of the production line.

Partial Discharge Tester - Safety Check for High Voltage Semiconductor Components

Chroma 19501-K partial discharge tester guards the quality of your semiconductor components by checking for any partial discharge (PD in pC) when they work under high voltage. When put to use in new energy applications such as electric vehicles (EV) and energy storage, power semiconductor components require high voltage switching. Take the working principle of an EV motor driver; under normal operation, a voltage surge higher than the battery voltage will occur in the circuit. Therefore, it is necessary to assess the influence of continuous partial discharge caused by such surges on the components’ long-term operational reliability. The Chroma 19501-K series test semiconductor components including those used in 5G base stations and server units.

The 2019 edition of TAITRONICS Taipei International Electronics Show (Oct. 16-18) will take place at Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center, Hall 1. Chroma is present at booth K3080 to let you experience the latest test solutions. We are looking forward to meeting you at the exhibition!