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Chroma’s Battery Cell Test System with Fast Current Response Welcomed by Major Japanese Battery Manufacturers

As the key component of electric vehicles, its lithium-ion battery (LIB) is tight up to personal safety and must pass car manufacturer’s most stringent performance tests to keep risks at a minimum. These diverse tests are complex and time-consuming. It requires specialized test equipment that can test multiple channels simultaneously as to reduce the time for the complete product verification. The Chroma 17011 regenerative AC/DC bi-directional battery test system passed the severe performance tests of major Japanese battery manufacturers. The test device performed excellent on items like current response, measurement accuracy, output dynamic waveforms, stability, and controlled feedback speed.

Constant power (CP) is the most common testing mode for LIB. However, the CP output is affected by electric potential differences in the battery’s internal resistance and easily generates overshoot. Creating fast output response without overshoot remains a complex issue for battery test equipment. LIB testing requires long-term simulation of actual driving conditions and fast output response to reduce distortions, while running a LIB beyond the specified working range will invariably affect the battery life to a certain extent, increase risks in verification, and deviate the test results. Chroma offers excellent CP output performance with output response time of less than 3.5mS and no power overshoot! Moreover, the comprehensive safety protection mechanism makes the Chroma 17011 the most fitting solution for LIB testing.

 Chroma 17011 (6V, 200A) Charge/Discharge Test System

 ▲Chroma 17011 (6V, 200A) Charge/Discharge Test System


Chroma 17011 Key Features

  • Current output up to 1200A
  • Fast current response
  • Multiple current range with accuracy
  • CC-CV transition with no delay and no overshoot
  • CP mode with fast response and no overshoot
  • Fast Waveform simulation with update rate up to 10mS and cut-off judgement

Chroma not only provides standard stand-alone and system products, but also develops reliable and customized integrated services to provide the best complete solution depending on battery shape, electrodes, safety device, environmental chamber integration, et cetera. A well-known Taiwanese materials plant has adopted a Chroma 17011 equipped with integrated environmental chamber and fixture that is designed for simultaneous pouch cell as well as coin cell battery testing.

Chroma devises its battery testing devices with low contact resistance, robustness, temperature uniformity, durability, and maintainability, while providing optimal application flexibility through compatibility with a wide range of battery products. Next, we consult the user’s habits and the moving lines through the production space. Chroma then offers a customized design that enhances daily operation, improves test results, and solves all testing problems at once!

Chroma 17011 (10V, 6A) Charge/Discharge Test System
▲Chroma 17011 (10V, 6A) Charge/Discharge Test System

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