Chroma ATE Inc.

Power Electronics Test Solution
DC Power Supply
Q1. Chroma Solar Array Simulator Smart Master/Slave Control Application
Electrical Safety Test Solution
Electrical Safety Analyzer
Q1. Why do products need to undergo electrical safety tests? Q2. What does the chapter on safety standard include? Q3. What is Electrical Shock ? Q4. What are the major tests in Electrical Safety Test? Q5. How to Select the Correct Safety Test Equipment Q6. Why do we need a better discharge circuit in Electrical Safety Tester? Q7. How to ensure the test connection is OK Q8. Why do the electrical safety test operators need more Training? Q9. Is there any special requirement for Test Environments? Q10. Safety Information Website
Hipot Tester / Safety Tester
Q1. What is Dielectric Withstand Test? Q2. How many types of isolation are there in Safety Standards? Q3. Why do we need real current function in AC Hipot test? Q4. Why do we need ramp time in DC Hipot test? Q5. Why do we need fall time in Hipot test? Q6. What is flashover (ARC)? Q7. Why do we need Auto Gain Compensation?
Ground Bond Tester
Q1. What is Ground Bond Test? Q2. What is Insulation Resistance Test?