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Automakers Choose Safety Mechanism of Chroma Battery Cell Charge/Discharge Test Equipment

The potential safety issues with high current testing of power-type lithium-ion batteri...

Factors you did NOT know that cause lithium-ion batteries to ignite and explode… And the test solutions

Most explosion and fire accidents in lithium-ion battery products occur while charging,...

Live Webinar - A Better Insulation Test for Decreasing Risk of Electrical Shorts in Lithium-Ion Battery Cells

Tuesday 8th September 2020, 4:00pm BST Register  Overview... Fire o...

New Chroma Battery Pack Integrated Testbed for EV Composite Operation Conditions

The battery pack is the most important component of EVs and its verification takes auto...

White Paper for Download: Implementation of 48V DC Input Ripple Immunity Testing

In order to meet the increasing power demand, 48V DC power sources are introduced in da...

Ease BMS Verification with Battery Cell Simulator

A report from International Energy Agency (IEA) in 2019 estimated that the global sales...

New 3U Height 15kVA Grid Simulator Upgrades Testing to a Higher Level

Chroma adds three new models, 61809/61812/61815, to its 61800 series of regenerative gr...

Webinar - Ensuring the functionality and quality of multimedia chipsets with Chroma 3680

Live Webinar - Ensuring the functionality and quality of multimedia chipsets with Chr...

NEW 2-in-1 Bidirectional DC Power Supply + Regenerative Load

Renewable energy sources such as PV, EV, fuel cell, and battery are the market trend as...

How to Master EV Charging Components Testing - Chroma Can Help!

Shortening the battery charging time while improving its safety has become _disibledeve...

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