Chroma ATE Inc.


Chroma Honors


Distinguished Enterprise Innovation Award, the highest honor available from the 5th National Industrial Innovation Award, 2017

Chroma ATE Inc. won the Distinguished Enterprise Innovation Award, the highest honor available from the 5th National Industrial Innovation Award. After four months of rigorous assessment, 38 winning units were selected out of 251 registered applications, and the Distinguished Enterprise Innovation Award (for Enterprise Group) was granted to Chroma ATE Inc. as the leader for innovative business model in Taiwanese industry... <Read More...>


CEO Leo Huang is Awarded as Taiwan Top 50 Best-Performing CEOs by《Harvard Business Review》

Taipei - Harvard Business Review magazine today (4/21) announced Taiwan Top 50 Best-Performing CEOs. The CEO of Chroma ATE Inc. Leo Huang has awarded as the Taiwan Top 50 Best-Performing CEO, ranked No.38 with the performance of ROE 1,011% (No. 13 ) and market value appreciation of NTD 34.5 billion (No. 70). This year's Traditional Chinese version has adopted the principle and analytical method of “Best- Performing CEOs in the World” in English version to assess the long term performance of Taiwan's business leaders. HBR’s ranking of CEOs is meant to be a measure of enduring success. <Read More...>


Granted 1st Taiwan Mittelstand Award from the Ministry of Economic Affairs in 2013

Chroma ATE Inc. won the selection of 1st Taiwan Mittelstand from Industrial Development Bureau, Ministry of Economy Affairs. After a three-month selection with total applications of 258 enterprises, top 10 Mittelstand were elected and granted the award on Feb. 27 publicly to recognize their unique and critical technology in particular areas that have high competitiveness in the international market. <Read More...>


FinanceAsia named Chroma as Taiwan
"Best Mid-Cap Company"
"Best Managed Company"
"Best Corporate Governance“ in 2010 & 2011.

Taoyuan, Taiwan (R.O.C.) August 25, 2010 – Chroma has won FinanceAsia’s “Best Managed Company in Taiwan”, “Best Corporate Governance”, “Best Investor Relations”, “Best Committed to a Strong Dividend Policy” and “Best Mid-Cap Company” awards for year 2010. The FinanceAsia’s Head of Business Development in Greater China Patrick Chu has presented this award to Chroma’s Chairman and CEO Leo Huang today. <Read More...>


Named one of ‘Asia's 200 Best Under a Billion’ compainies by Forbes

Chroma Ate Incorporate. The Group's principal activities are manufacturing and selling electronic test and measurement equipment.


Innovative Technology Awards



Awarded Product














LEDinside Aurora award 2013

2012 TAITRONICS Innovative Technology

Excellent Industry Contribution Award

14th Outstanding Optical Product Award

10th Outstanding Optical Product Award

Digitimes: Taiwan Top 100 Hi-Tech. Companies

Best Product Design

7th Taiwan Excellence Award

7th Taiwan Excellence Award

2nd Outstanding Optical Product Award

6th MOEA Industrial Technology Award

6th Taiwan Excellence Award

6th Taiwan Excellence Award

5102 In-Line LED Luminaire Test System

17020 Regen. Battery Pack Test System

LED 2D CCD Light Bar Test System

7503 Optical Profiler

7121 Display Color Analyzer

Chroma ATE Inc.

9105/9107 UPS

9105 Digital Signal Processing UPS

2225 Series Video Pattern Generator

7100 Color Analyzer

Chroma ATE Inc.

9107 UPS

3203 Memory IC Test System