Chroma ATE Inc.

IC Pick & Place Handler
IC Pick & Place Handler

Miniature IC Handler Model 3270

Key Features:
  • High throughput for CIS Testing
  • Reliable high-speed pick & place handler
  • 3x3 mm miniature device handling capability
  • Air damper for contact balance
  • Socket damage free

Chroma 3270 is an innovative handler for high volume/multisite miniature IC testing, especially for CIS Testing (CMOS Image Sensor), at system level. It is capable of handling devices of a large variety of package types including QFP, TQFP, BGA, PGA, etc. The handler uses pick and place technology to pick up devices from JEDEC trays, move them to the test site, then move them to the appropriate bin after test.

Chroma 3270 can handle 16 devices for parallel test at ambient temperature to high temperature 50°C.