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VLSI Test System
VLSI Test System

VLSI Test System Model 3380-D

Key Features:
  • 50/100 MHz clock rate
  • 50/100 Mbps data rate
  • 256 I/O digital I/O pins
  • Up to 256 sites parallel testing
  • 32/64/128M pattern memory
  • Various VI source
  • Flexible HW-architecture(Interchangeable I/O, VI, ADDA,)
  • Real parallel trim/match function
  • Time & Frequency Measurement Unit (TFMU)
  • AD/DA test (16/24bits option)
  • SCAN test option (max 1G M/chain)
  • ALPG test option for embedded memory
  • STDF tools support
  • Test program/pattern converter(J750, D10, S50, E320, SC312, V7, TRI-6020)
  • User friendly Windows 7 environment
  • CRAFT C/C++ programming language
  • SW (Software) same as 3360 & 3360P
  • D-M Probe-card compatible with 3360P DM probe-card
  • C-M DUT-card compatible with 3360D/3360P C-M DUT-card(FT/CP)

In order to cope with the IC testing trend of high-speed, numerous pins and complex functions in the future, the newest generation of Chroma's VLSI tester, 3380D/3380P/3380, have adopted a more flexible architecture with higher integration density and powerful functions. The 3380D/3380P/3380 test systems have 4 wires HD VI source and any-pins-to-any-site high parallel test (multi-sites test) functions (256 I/O pins to test 256 ICs in parallel) that can meet the upcoming higher IC testing demands.

The test systems also have built in all-in-one design (for Test Head only) to provide a small footprint/clear power ATE to become a very competitive price/performance ratio test system. The 3380P/3380 test systems entered the testing market in 2013 and have over 70 installed bases (2014/E) now in Greater China.

The most flexible configuration for various types of devices
rich functions and wide coverage

The Full Application Functions

Logic, ADDA, LCD, LED, Power, ALPG, Match, and etc.

The Full Application Functions

3380D Linking for Mass-Production

C-M Kits :Compatible with 3360D/3360P
C-M FT/CP & D-M Kits :Compatible 3360P DM probe-card