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Inspection System
Inspection System

Solar Cell Inspection Test/Sorting System Model 3760

Key Features:
  • Good for 6 inches mono/multi-crystalline silicon cells
  • Inline structure un-loader together with firing furnace including cells position pre-capture CCD and Bernoulli Arm picking up cells to conveyor speedy
  • Flexible design of buffer loader to support engineer/operator during production maintenance period no matter frontend or backend side
  • High throughput and low breakage rate< 0.1%.
  • High integration capability with customized optical inspector and IV tester
  • Customized efficiency, Color classes and sorting Bins
  • High cell positioning repeatability to ensure consistent result
  • Extendable sorting bins module to fulfill customer request
  • MES systems for instant production result analysis
  • Lane by lane controller for engineer maintenance easy

Chroma 3760 Solar Cell Inspection Test/Sorting System is an ideal design and suitable for PV backend process. There will be a detection CCD and an Arm to proceed the cell pick and place from Firing furnace to conveyor. The cells will be transferred to Automatically Optical Inspector for cells quality inspection and IV Tester for efficiency measurement. Finally the cells will be put in the corresponding Soting Bins based on above testing results.

The breakage rate is one of the key concerns for PV cell handling system. Chroma 3760 uses state-of-the-art cell transportation technique to ensure the minimum breakage rate. Based on the customer's requirement of different process, the carrier type and the amount of sorting bins can be designed and adjusted.