Model 52958 PXI Leakage Test Module

PXI Systems Alliance
Key Features:
  • Long life time-mercury Relay
  • Sensitive current ranges for accurate leakage measurements
  • Up to 200V source for accurate breakdown measurements
  • Fully compatible with Chroma Current Source/Measure module
  • Internal switching for fast sequencing of forward, reverse and breakdown test modes
  • Small footprint


  • Soft Front Panel
    Soft Front Panel allows control of switch functions for "bench-top instrument" use.
  • Drivers
    Drivers based on NI-VISAR, Visual C++, Visual BasicR, LabVIEWR, LabWindows/CVIR drivers are supported
  • Install Wizard
    Our install wizard gets you up and running in minutes!

The 52958 is a Leakage test module compatible with the PXI format. It provides a programmable voltage source and current measurement. The unit also has programmable "current limit" and voltage "read-back" functions allowing "breakdown" voltage to be measured. It is optimised for speed for use in high throughput applications.

It is typically deployed in conjunction with the 52956 Module (Source Current / Measure Voltage).