Chroma ATE Inc.

VLSI Test System
VLSI Test System

VLSI Test System Model 3380P

Key Features:
  • 50/100 MHz clock rate
  • 50/100 Mbps data rate
  • 512 digital I/O pins (channels) (Max 576 digital I/O pins)
  • Up to 512 sites parallel testing
  • 32/64/128M pattern memory
  • 16M capture memory per pin
  • Various VI source
  • Flexible HW-architecture (Interchangeable I/O, VI, ADDA)
  • Real parallel trim/match function
  • Time & Frequency Measurement Unit (TFMU)
  • AD/DA test (16/24 bits option)
  • SCAN test option (max. 2G M/chain)
  • ALPG test option for embedded memory
  • STDF tools support
  • Test program/pattern converter (J750, D10, S50, E320, SC312, V7, TRI-6836)
  • Direct mount probe card is compatible with 3360P/3380D direct mount probe card (only 256pins)
  • Cable mount DUT card is compatible with 3360D/3360P/3380D cable mount DUT card (FT/CP)
  • CRAFT C/C++ programming language Software is compatible with 3360/3360P
  • User friendly Windows 7 environment

In order to cope with the IC testing trend of high-speed, numerous pins and complex functions in the future, the newest generation of Chroma's VLSI test systems, 3380D/3380P/3380, have adopted a more flexible architecture with higher integration density and powerful functions.

The 3380D/3380P/3380 test systems have 4 wires HD VI source and any-pins-to-any-site high parallel test (multi-sites test) functions (512 I/O pins to test 512 ICs in parallel) that can meet the upcoming higher IC testing demands.

The test system 3380P also has built in all-in-one design (for test head only) to provide a small footprint/clear power ATE to
become a very competitive price/performance ratio test system.

Rich Functions And Wide Coverage

Logic, MCU, ADDA (Mixed-signal); Power, LED driver, Class D; SCAN, ALPG, Match...etc

Logic, MCU, ADDA (Mixed-signal); Power, LED driver, Class D; SCAN, ALPG, Match..etc