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Digital Power Meter
Digital Power Meter

Digital Power Meter Model 66205

CE Mark Rohs 2 Compliant
Key Features:
  • Voltage Ranges:
    15/30/60/150/300/600 Vrms
    1200Vrms (optional)
  • Current Ranges : 0.005/0.02/0.05/0.2/0.3/0.5/2/5/20/30 Arms
  • Frequency Range : DC, 10Hz~10kHz
  • Embedded high speed DSP, 16 bits Analog/Digital converters withmax samipling rate up to 250kHz
  • Capable of meeting the IEC 61000-4-7 harmonics measurement requirements
  • Smart Range function provides seamless power integration measurement underauto range mode
  • Supports external shunt and CT for higher current applications
  • 5 mA minimum current range & 0.1mW power resolution
  • Meets ENERGY STAR/EN 50564 /IEC 62301/ErP requirements
  • User-define criteria provides automatic PASS/FAIL indications
  • THD and user-specify order distortion measurement
  • Inrush current and energy measurements
  • Voltage/ Current harmonics measurements up to 100 orders
  • USB (Host) interface provides data logging functionality
  • Support GPIB, USB, RS232, LAN (option) interface

The 66205 is the 2nd generation of the 66200 series power meter designed specifically for single channel measurement. Its state of art design is capable of providing highly accurate power measurements to meet the requirements of IEC 62301/EN50564 standards. Functionality improvements of the 66205 increase power measurement capabilities to a wider range of applications.

The Smart Range function is one of the most important new features added to the 66205 power meter. Smart Range allows the power integration mode to perform active power measurements with the measurement range in auto mode. Chroma’s proprietary design automatically selects the appropriate range, based on changes in sensed voltage and current, ensures the best accuracy when integrating the measurements over time.

The 66205 provides 10 selectable current measurement ranges from 5mA up to 30A. External sensor options A662017~A662020 are available to increase the current measurement range. Six selectable voltage ranges are available up to 600V.

External sensor option A662012 can be used to increase the voltage measurement range to 1.2kV. The 66205 provides a low range error up to 0.05% and is capable of meeting the measurement uncertainty requirement of IEC 62301/EN50564.

66205 power meter is designed to comply with IEC 61000-4-7. Continuous high-performance harmonic measurement, with 5Hz frequency resolution and a packet harmonic function, it can accurately measure sub-harmonics, inter-harmonics and harmonics.

For remote operation, the 66205 offers 4 types of communication interfaces including GPIB, USB, RS-232 and LAN (optional). Using the softpanel, it can create complete test reports and perform power quality as well as regulation tests. In addition, its STORE function records the measured values and saves them to a USB storage device. The Limit function can be used for production tests by performing GO/NG tests on the upper and lower limits of voltage, current and power parameters; additionally, it can be integrated into automated production when I/O port is used. The 66205 is a great fit for meeting the demanding tasks of R&D, production and quality control.


The 66205 power meter is capable of providing the following reliable and accurate measurement parameters : Vrms, Vpeak+, Vpeak-, V_harmonic, V_THD, CFV (Crest Factor Voltage), Irms, Ipeak+, Ipeak-, I_harmonic, I_THD, Is (Inrush Current), CFI (Crest Factor Current), W, VA, VAR, PF, Freq_V, Freq_I, Wh, Ah, º (phase degree).

Parameter Measurement Method:a gapless continuous moving window average out the voltage and current parameter measurements within the time frame. Please note the time setting for the time frame is equivalent to data update rate x AVG number setting.

Line filter is a digital low pass filter with a high attenuation rate of ≥70dB. When line filter is enabled, the measured value will not include high frequency content, such as the high frequency noise of a switching converter. The 66205 offers three sets of line filter with cutoff frequency: OFF, 500 Hz and 5.5 kHz. The line filter with 5.5 kHz cutoff frequency is compliant to IEC 61000-3-2 international standards. It is suggested to turn this filter on when measuring harmonics.


The 66205 is designed to meet harmonics measurement requirements in accordance to IEC 61000-4-7. Under the harmonics measurement IEC mode, it allows user to obtain THD measurement consistent with the THD measurement result of high end IEC 61000-4-7 compliance power analyzers.
The harmonic measurement display function when enabled will show the amplitude, phase angle of each harmonic order on the front panel displays. The following example demonstrates the harmonics display function.

Use the AC Source synthesis function to generate a voltage waveform consisting of 220V at fundamental frequency 50Hz and 3rd harmonics with 22V as amplitude and 30 degree as phase angle.

Displaying the amplitude of 220V for fundamental frequency The amplitude for the 3rd harmonic order is displayed The phase angle for the 3rd harmonic order is displayed
The Smart Range function, proprietary design, allows power integration with the measurement range in auto mode. It selects the most appropriate measurement range in response to the changing voltage and current measurements, to ensure no data loss during transition of measurement range change under power integration mode.

The 66205 power meter includes a built-in inrush current (Is) measurement function. Users can set a current level for triggering the starting point of the measurement. Users can also use an external TTL signal to trigger inrush current measurements through the control I/O signal port located in the back of the unit.
The delay parameter can help users to bypass the peak value B after the trigger point A. The parameter, T, allows a set time period to be established for measuring the peak value during a preset time (T).

The 66205 allows selection of the Voltage or Current as the Sync signal for measuring input power. In different types of devices under test the distortion on either the voltage or the current maybe higher. By synchronizing on the measurement with less distortion will improve the Power Measurement.

Selecting voltage signal as sync signal : When the voltage signal distortion will be less than current and more stable, thus voltage is selected as sync signal source.

Selecting current signal as sync signal : When the current signal distortion will be less than voltage. Thus current is selected as sync signal source.

With the addition of the optional A662012 HV Measurement Kit, the 66205 is capable of voltage measurements up to 1200Vrms with DC, 47Hz~63Hz frequency range.
External Shunt is an alternative method when the measured current is greater than the 30Arms current range. Users can set the resistance value of the external shunt with setting range from 0.0001m to 99.999 ohm. Please note the external shunt function ia applicable for AC and DC current measurement.
The CT function supports both CT and DCCT and provides an alternative method when the measured current is greater than the current range of 30Arms. Please note the CT supports AC current measurement only (NO DC) and the DCCT supports both AC and DC current measurement.
The 66200 Power Meters provide graphical user interface software (softpanel) which allow users to control and read measured parameters from a computer via USB, GPIB or LAN interface. Users can easily observe measured voltage and current waveforms and monitor the changes in parameter readings by using the chart function. Additional features include a recording function which can record selected parameters and write data to a file for further analysis. The 66200 Softpanel supports IEC 61000-3-2 harmonic current limit test (pre-compliance) allowing users to examine whether the UUT has met the harmonic current requirement. The Power Efficiency Softpanel integrates the Chroma's electronic loads and AC Sources to provide an effective method for power efficiency testing and recording of data using the test report function which automatically generates a report at the completion of testing.
66200 Softpanel IEC 61000-3-2 Current Harmonics Test (Pre-compliance) Power Efficiency Test Softpanel
1. Voltage/Current range selection and auto range indicator
2. Measurement mode selection and status indicator
3. Quit the setting page and lock panel key
4. Function selection and adjust setting value
5. Confirm settings and current offset compensation
6. Harmonics menu and IEC function
7. Line Filter and Frequency Filter select
8. Power integration, inrush measurement and limit function settings
9. Power integration, inrush measurement and limit function control
10. Switch from remote to local mode
11. Hold function
12. Access to store function menu
13. Setup menu and system configuration
14. Measurement parameter selection & measurement parameter indicator
15. Display window
16. Function operation indicator
17. USB port
18. Power switch
19. Measurement function setup indicator
20. Voltage measurement input terminal
21. Current measurement input terminal
22. External sensing voltage signal input terminal
23. Control signal input/output terminal
24. GPIB Port
25. RS-232 Port
26. AC LINE socket
27. USB Port
28. LAN Port (optional)