Electric Vehicle Powertrain Solution

Drivetrain Power Electronics

Propulsion System

1.Inverter / PEU
2.On-Board Charger
3.Generator Controller
4.Battery Disconnect Unit
5.Distribution Box 


The electrification of electric vehicle is driven by its e-Drive system, which consists of propulsion motor, inverter (power electronics unit, PEU), battery pack, on-board charger, and DC-DC converter; for battery-powered EV (BEV) as example. The type of battery, the type of traction motor and the motor controller design vary according to the size, power and proposed application, which can be from passenger electric vehicles to electric bus.

As to the core technology of EV powertrain, EVT Technology of Chroma Group has devoted in developing the xEV power control electronics, including power electronics unit (inverter), on-board chargers, ISG controller for range extender, battery-disconnect unit, and electronics subsystems, as one-stop shopping for power electronics. The inverters come with peak 80kW and 180kW, which can be applied to the vehicles of sedan size to mini bus size respectively. They can drive both induction motor (IM) or permanent magnet (PM) motor. The on-board charger which is designed with J1772 standard can support up to 6.6kW power output that can shorten the charging time significantly. It is designed with the advanced feature of Vehicle-to-Grid (V2G) that can convert the electric energy from power battery to home grid for emergency use. Charger’s protection mechanism can also ensure the safety of battery and entire vehicle. New control algorithm is implemented in the ISG control to reduce the vibration of engine and add the voltage stabilization of DC Bus. Moreover, the modular design of the power controls allows better performance in cost structure and power density.

Total eDrivetrian solution can also be available by providing optimized traction motors to fulfill your one-stop-shopping needs. Application includes BEV, PHEV, EREV, and HEV. With many years of experience supplying electric power electronics, Chroma can make your electric propulsion system more safe, reliable, and easier for integration.