Video Pattern Generator
Color Analyzer
Electrical Safety Analyzer
Digital Power Meter

The LCM equipped with diverse signal conversion boards can output different signals after assembled and apply to various products. The complicate output and input interfaces need Video Pattern Generator to provide all kinds of international standard signals to test the screen and analyze the image signal of display. Thus, the accuracy is extremely important as the signal sent by video pattern generator is treated as the standard source.
The color analyzer uses the advanced microprocessor and the technology of photoelectric conversion along with accurate optical elements and circuit designs to measure the photo energy ejected from the monitor, also calibrate the chromaticity, luminance and white balance to adhere to international standard.
For large displays and projectors, the color analysis automatic test system can perform multiple dots measurement at the same time. Combining the Video Pattern Generator and test software, all programmed measurement items can be done by pressing one single button. The video and color testing solution is the most competitive advantage product in the market.

Safety Analyzer Video Pattern Generator Color Analyzer Digital Power Meter