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IC Pick & Place Handler
IC Pick & Place Handler

Tabletop Single Site Test Handler Model 3111

CE Mark
Key Features:
  • 600 mm (W) x 570 mm (D) x 810 mm (H)
  • JEDEC trays (2)
  • IC packages: 5x5 mm to 45x45 mm
  • Software configurable binning
  • Air damper contact
  • Optimizes IC force balance
  • Maximize test socket lifetime
  • Double stack protection
  • Continuous automated re-test

The Chroma 3111 Tabletop Single Site Test Handler is an automated Pick & Place system ideal for engineering and test development of IC System Level Testing (SLT). The 3111 system is capable of handling a vast variety of device types and sizes ranging from 5x5mm to 45x45mm.

To maximize productivity, the 3111 offers a remote function allowing handler control from any distant location through an internet connection. Equipped with two software allocatable JEDEC trays, the 3111 maximizes the engineering test capability saving cost and time, all within a 60 cm2 table space. A user-friendly graphic interface (Windows™) system provides a quick and easy device setup, change or changeover simplifying the process and increasing efficiency.

Tabletop Single Site Test Handler