Chroma ATE / September, 2021

High-Precision Analysis of EV Battery Aging Mechanism

The Customer

A well-known battery manufacturer that develops lithium batteries for international electric vehicle manufacturers.

The Challenge

When researchers use Differential Voltage Analysis (DVA) to identify the aging mechanisms of lithium-ion batteries, they face the following challenges in obtaining a clear DVA curve:

  • Present charging and discharging equipment lacks voltage and current precision and accuracy.
  • The DVA curve and its characteristic peaks must be clearly recognized through the smoothing algorithm.
  • Creating the smoothing algorithm is time-consuming and poses risks of over-modification and distortion of data.
The Solution

Chroma Battery Reliability Test System 17010
Model 17216M-6-12

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High Voltage Device Power Supply Chroma 33021

Chroma Battery Reliability Test System 17010 provided the customer with optimal quality at the best price:

  • Designed with high-resolution (18-bit) ADC and low-noise measurement circuit so users can accurately identify the curve peaks directly from the test data.
  • Systematic summary of the root causes and extent of battery decline reduces the resources needed for developing curve smoothing algorithms and the costs needed for test equipment.
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