RF Recorder/Player (2.7GHz) Model ADIVIC MP7200

Key Features
  • Adjustable bandwidth from 1 MHz to 25 MHz, capable of recording and playback of the entire FM stereo broadcasting band 88MHz to 108MHz
  • Frequency coverage from 25 MHz to 2.7 GHz
  • RF connector with programmable DC output to power the external active antenna
  • 100 MS/s sampling rate for recording and playback path respectively
  • Supports GPS NMEA data recording for route playback on Google Maps
  • Remote control available
  • Baseband IQ Data formats compatible to MATLAB
  • Software utility support including I/Q data extractor and File segmentation

 Test your product with the real-world signals

Eventually your Receiver has to receive the real-world signal. Yet, none of the existing signal generators can 100% emulate the real world signals.
Only the ADIVIC RF Recorder/Player can bring back repeatable real world RF signals to your lab.

 When will you need a RF recorder?

  • Your DTV/DAB/GPS receiver chip can’t decode properly in certain location
  • Your receiver works fine in some locations, however doesn’t in some other locations
  • Virtual signal source, can be any signal generator

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RF Recorder/Player (2.7GHz)