Motor Control Unit (Inverter) Model CP Series

Key Features
  • EV propulsion motor application
  • Open platform for IPM and induction motors
  • Automotive level design & quality
  • High power density
  • Cost competitiveness


  • BEV


 Motor Control Unit (Inverter) - CP Series for High Voltage EV Application

The innovation of CP Series motor control unit (MCU) with DSP-based control is specifically designed for electric propulsion vehicles, embedded with efficient IGBT module for high power density and reliability. Its compact and robust design is suitable for various types of electric vehicle e-Drive system integration, including pure battery EV and plug-in hybrid EV.

MCU configures motor speed and torque after receiving comments from VCU (vehicle control unit) via CAN-bus communication. The MCU converts battery pack DC power source to AC power supply to drive propulsion motor. During vehicle braking, it can regenerate DC power back to battery pack for charging. Efficient cooling system enables its high power density and performance. Protection includes against over current, over voltage and ov er temperature. Various electrical and environmental tests are passed to meet international standards.

CP Series MCU provides maximum performance, efficiency, endurance and reliability for electric propulsion application, making electric vehicle drive more accountable.



 CP300-F1 e-Drive

CP300-F1 motor control unit, designed in six-phase configuration with peak power of 300kW, is specifically developed for 12M electric bus application. Integrated with interior permanent magnet motor, CP300-F1 e-drive system can achieve 3,330Nm Max. torque, >20% Max. gradeability, and 100km/h top speed, which meets the vehicle performance requirements of a 12M e-bus suitable for both metropolitan and intercity services.

The six-phase e-drive has superior fault tolerant capability, reduced torque ripple and more power density. The system can switch between three-phase and six-phase automatically according to the driving condition, resulting the increase of energy efficiency.

● System Configuration 6-Phase
● Peak Output Power  300 kW
● Voltage DC (nominal / range) 600 / 500-750 V
● Torque (peak / continuous) 3,200 / 1,270 Nm
● Speed (peak / continuous) 3,600 / 1,200 RPM

 CP150-S2 Motor Control Unit

CP150-S2 has output peak power of 150kW and continuous power of 65kW, which is ideal for electric commercial vehicle applications, including electric light truck and minibus, and other BEV applications. It can drive IPM motor and induction motor to provide maximum torque with MTPA function, and deliver smooth vehicle ride with field-orient control (FOC) algorithm.

● Output Power (peak / continuous) 150 / 65 kW
● Voltage DC (nominal / range) 336-360 / 250-450 V
● Current (peak, 10sec. / continuous) 530 / 225 Arms


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