Formation Management System (FMS) Model 98019 Series

Key Features
  • Human error prevention
  • Complete production history
  • Data analysis to improve production process
  • Real-time management of equipment activation

 Formation Management System (FMS)

The system platform integrates the information of each test station instead of gathering them manually. It is a real-time, fast and accurate in line modern production management system with immediate production control, status return, and report analysis, etc. which all can be easily realized. The system is a excellent tool for battery cell production line with a large amount of data.

  • Remote setting and recipe releasing
  • Centralize test data mangement
  • Real-time report and monitoring

Chroma's formation test system can quickly classify batteries and provide test data for analysis.

The system has the capabilities to perform auto recipe release, central management of test data, real-time control of the channel impedance status, and real-time monitoring and reporting.

The system formation test system has protection mechanism from abnormalities to prevent overcharging or over discharging the battery.


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Formation Management System

*Formation Management System (FMS)   License Unit (PLU) US$2,000