LCD Shorting Bar Pattern Generator Model 58168

Key Features
  • 24CH Output (12CH or 24CH, optional)
  • 0~1024 step waves output
  • Prober integration with RS-232
  • Loading Recipes via SD Card
  • 4 Colonization by 4 OP BOX
  • Low cost

58168 is a high C/P ratio Shorting Bar Pattern Generator especially designed for small size LCD cell inspection. The exclusive modularized architecture provides the unique implement of inspections by "1 instrument, 4 Colonization", which provide 4 users 4 OP boxs to operate the only one 58168 instrument simultaneously but each one of them feel like that they own a whole instrument without interferenced by others. 58168 is truly suitable in low cost application display field.

58168 works with 0.5μs high-resolution time unit to edit the output waveforms of Data channels. All channels of each model are edited in PC's software and saved to SD card, which is capable of more than 500 models. Fast duplication of SD which is easy in PC provide the engineer with efficiency with the lack of network. In addition no PC is required while 58168 operates ensures low power consumption.

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LCD Shorting Bar Pattern Generator with 4 Colonization