Solar Cell Backside Printing and Surface Inspector Model 7213-AD

Key Features
  • Solar Cell Backside Printing & Surface Inspector (Diffuser type)
  • V-cut and flake inspection
  • Install on the metallization process and sorting process

Defects causes by back-side printing process of c-Si PV cells will also cause performance, reliability impact. Among all the back-side printing defects, bumps caused by improper printing may cause high cell breakage rate during lamination of c-Si module process. Chroma 7213-AD c-Si cell back-side printing inspector uses unique lighting technique to detect common back-side printing defects plus most demanding bumps.

Another model Chroma 7213, with same inspection capability but was designed for special upward-detection. This brings unparallel advantage against conventional downward-detection design. With upward detection, the cell can be checked without being flipped twice which helps to minimize the cell breakage and reduce the production line length.

Same as Chroma 7212-HD, Chroma 7213-AD can be used after back-side process to retire cells with major defects. It can also be integrated to in-line or off-line sorter for final inspection prior to shipping.

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Solar Cell Backside Printing and Surface Inspector