Solar Cell Frontside Printing and Surface Defect Inspector (High-Speed) Model 7212-HS

Key Features
  • Integrated with screen printing line and cell sorting lines from any manufacturers
  • Flexible and intuitive SW user interface
  • Resolution down to 14 μm/pixel
  • Superior stain defects detection

Chroma 7212-HS is a linescan AOI inspector used to provide superior PV cells defect inspection. As the fine grid printing process goes even faster than before, a reliable printing quality inspector is inevitable to reduce the cost during the PV cells metallization. Chroma 7212-HS provides 14 μm/pixel resolution that could stops even the finest finger interruptions during the metallization process, and also feed back to the operator for instant response to improve the production yield rate.

We could also use Chroma 7212-HS with 20μm/pixel resolution to make the final quality judgment on the PV cell sorting process. Optical design in Chroma 7212-HS is even better, it provides superior inspection result for defects like stain and finger prints, which had been always a hurdle in other PV AOI products.

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Solar Cell Front-side Printing and Surface Defect Inspector (High-Speed)