TO-CAN Package Inspection System Model 7925

Key Features
  • It can inspect lens scratch, crack, particle and metal cap defect of TO-CAN package
  • Auto focus function can overcome height variation from tray or package
  • Defect criteria editor for versatile pass/fail criteria setting
  • Higher reliability and repeatability than visual inspection
  • Throughput is higher than UPH 3600
  • Reduce time of operator loading/unloading because of auto-cassette function
  • Provide customized inspection report and defect images for defect analysis

Chroma 7925 is an automatic inspection system for TO-CAN package. The appearance defects over 30μm like lens scratch, partial are clearly conspicuous by using advanced illumination technology. Because the height variation of tray and package exists, Chroma 7925 can calculate the focus distance and compensate to overcome the variation with auto focus function.

User can edit his own defect criteria for versatile pass/fail rule setting and pick by the defect code. The whole machine process is automatic during load, inspection, pick to unload. It greatly reduces the opportunity of operator error and abnormal process. Engineer can get a detail inspection raw data and defect images. It is more helpful to analysis the process problem and increase the yield for using the data got from Chroma 7925.

 TO-CAN Defect Items

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TO-CAN Package Inspection System