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The electric drivetrain is a key component of an EV and requires optimization between the motor and the motor controller unit, or MCU, whose functionality and efficiency command the performance of the entire vehicle. As the hub of the powertrain, the MCU controls the motor’s operation, generating power by inverting the power supply in either battery or hybrid EVs. The three-in-one eAxle combines the traction motor, MCU, and transmission into a single e-drive system, which improves the power density, cost, and system integration. Other supplementary power electronics, such as the on-board-charger, DC-DC converter, and power distribution unit are also often integrated into a single power control unit for more efficient vehicle configuration. All the power electronics are developed according to international standards to ensure their performance and quality.

Electric Vehicle Powertrain Solutions

MotorControlUnit(Inverter) ModelCPSeries
Motor Control Unit (Inverter)
Model CP Series
  • Induction motor or permanent magnet use
  • Regenerative braking
  • Over temperature, voltage, current protection
  • CAN-bus interface communication
  • Applicable for BEV, PHEV, REEV, HEV
MotorController ModelCRSeries
Motor Controller
Model CR Series
  • Applicable for IM, PM, and BLDC motor
  • MTPA function for extra torque
  • High power density & efficiency
  • Genius System Integrated Controller
eAxle3-in-1ElectricDriveSystem ModelCXSeries
eAxle 3-in-1 Electric Drive System
Model CX Series
  • 125kw power
  • CX125-G1: 1-speed transmission, 2445Nm torque