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General PXI Instrument

PXI/cPCIProgrammablePowerSupply Model52912/52914
  • CE Mark
  • PXI Systems Alliance
PXI/cPCI Programmable Power Supply
Model 52912/52914
  • Dual Isolated outputs: 0-48VDC/0~2A/60W, programmable 
  • Choice of DC or AC Input Supply
  • High Speed Instrument Sequencer (HSIS#) for precision output profiling
  • Outputs May Be Connected in Parallel or Series
GeneralPurposeChassis Model52100Series
  • CE Mark
  • PXI Systems Alliance
General Purpose Chassis
Model 52100 Series
  • Accepts both 3U PXI and CompactPCI modules
  • Filtered, forced-air cooling, and Hot swapping power supply 
  • Compliant with PXI Specification
  • Optional DC (24V/48V) input configuration available
PXIExtensionCard  Model52906
  • PXI Systems Alliance
PXI Extension Card 
Model 52906
  • Extend PXI backplane signals, Extend PXI BUS to outside of chassis, easy for inspection
  • 3U 64-bit PXI extension card available for hot swapping PXI card
  • Provide short circuit protection
  • Able to use voltage meter to measure the power consumption of +5V, +3.3V, +12V,-12V and VIO