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PXIeShortPulseSMU Model52403P
  • PXI Systems Alliance
PXIe Short Pulse SMU
Model 52403P
  • All-in-one LIV Test SMU
  • Pulser function - Min. Pulse Widths:
    • 10uS @ 10A
    • 8uS @ 3.5A
    • 5uS @ 1A/250mA
  • Up to 3uH interference-free inductance between test lead and DUT
  • SMU function ± 25V, DC 3.5A
DevicePowerSupply Model52310eSeries
  • PXI Systems Alliance
Device Power Supply
Model 52310e Series
  • 4 Isolated channels of ±7V, pulse 1A (max)
  • 20-bit measurement resolution
  • Low output noise
  • Maximum sampling rate of 600 KS/s
HighPrecisionSourceMeasureUnit(SMU) Model52400Series
  • PXI Systems Alliance
High Precision Source Measure Unit (SMU)
Model 52400 Series
  • High Source/Measurement Resolution (by Multiple Ranges)
  • Low Output Noise
  • High Programming/Measurement Speed (100k s/S) & Slew Rate
  • Output Profiling by Hardware Sequencer