From Our CEO
Chroma Group Turns 30

08 Nov 2014

The Chroma group is celebrating its 30 years anniversary in 2014. Founded in 1984, Chroma ATE. Inc. is a world leading supplier of precision Test and Measurement Instrumentation, Automated Test System, Manufacturing Execution Systems and Turnkey Test & Automation Solutions marketed globally under the brand name "Chroma" with the sales all over Europe, the United States and Japan while the consolidated revenue has exceeded tens of billions New Taiwan Dollar.

Chroma's products have expanded widely following the progress of IT industry in the past 30 years. The main products for industrial applications include Video and Color, Flat Panel Display, Power Electronics, Passive Components, Automated Optical Inspection, Laser Diode, Thermoelectric and the Semiconductor/IC as well as the test solutions of green technologies in LED, Solar Energy, Li-Battery, Electric Vehicle and Smart Grid. To cope with the development of emerging industries, Chroma continues to invested R&D resources in developing more advanced technology to assist solving the new bottleneck the industry may face when developing the new products and assuring the quality during mass production.

In recent years, Chroma has aggressively engaged in the development of automated Turnkey test solution to create value-added products and services to satisfy customer's needs in every aspect that has successfully acquired the favor of many international ICT companies, and become a trusted brand. For instance, Chroma has launched the 1st worldwide LED Blub automated assembly and testing production line to significantly increase the throughput and lower down the packing cost.

Envisioning in becoming world-class enterprise, Chroma has expanded globally with branch offices established in Europe, the United States, Japan and mainland China, and chartered to deliver world-class products with precision, reliability and uniqueness to satisfy global customer's demands. For more information, contactChroma's nearest worldwide office or log on to Chroma Official Website.