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Chroma 30th Anniversary – Review & Prospects

Founded in 1984

It has been 30 years since Chroma was founded in 1984. Back then in the global recession caused by the oil crisis, many test and measurement instruments makers were still growing unaffectedly. As the personal computers began to boom, from the general users to the industrial RD engineers and the workstations in the factory production line, every computer had to connect to a display. The potential of display market was beyond measure. To seize this opportunity, Chroma started investing in research and production the instruments for measuring displays.   

The first product Chroma stepped in the test and measurement field was Video Pattern Generator. Though the material cost was low, its unique technology was able to create the highest value added. In that time, the production of Video Patter Generator had high technical difficulty that only two manufacturers in the USA and Japan had the skills. Chroma had strived to become the world's third largest Video Pattern Generator maker through the self-developed technologies.   

In just five years Chroma developed the second generation Video Pattern Generators with high performance and quality that not only compared favorably with the USA and Japanese products, the price was also reduced to 70 percent of the USA's and half of the Japanese's. This attracted the attention of display manufacturers in Taiwan and diverted the orders to Chroma and eventually kicked the US/Japanese rivals out of Taiwan market.   

After gained profits from the Video Pattern Generator, Chroma started to search for the next niche market with the confidence in research and development capability. The tests on power supplies were the first aimed and then the passive components as well as the electrical safety products. As long as there was a test and measurement instrument request from the customer, Chroma was able to seize the opportunity to research and develop it. The R&D capabilities also extended to various industries that had testing demands on light, electricity and heat to prevent the risk adversity caused by focusing on single industry. From the development of stand-alone instruments, systems to Turnkey testing and automation solutions, today Chroma has more than 41 product lines and over 420 models that is a successful business model to demonstrate the diversified and small amount operation.   

Nowadays Chroma has branch offices in the United States, Europe, mainland China and Japan with sales channels all over the world. The main products and test solutions on the market include LED, Solar Energy, Li-Battery, Electric Vehicle, Semiconductor/IC, Laser Diode, Flat Panel Display, Video and Color, Power Electronics, Passive Components, Thermoelectric, Automated Optical Inspection and Manufacturing Execution Systems.

Chroma Passed —— Another milestone of Chroma  

Chroma entered into the Semiconductor instruments market in 1998. Unlike the IT industry, the Semiconductor industry has stringent testing requirements for precision and high acceptance threshold. Though Chroma sustained ten years of loss, we continue to invest more and more R&D resources in inventing advanced technologies for Semiconductor equipment in order to provide high value-added products to customers.   

Chroma spent twelve years to make the Semiconductor market trust the brand "Chroma" and gained the recognition from the US well-known Semiconductor companies that "Chroma Passed" has become the synonym for internal IC quality approval check.   

For thirty years, Chroma has assisted many customers including many world famous manufacturers to solve their problems with advanced technologies and superior quality products. All of the experiences are precious to Chroma that shows we have the skills and capabilities to serve the 1st tier customers.

Aligning with emerging industries to promote automation   

Chroma is specialized in measurement technologies and has applied them in diversified industries from the early IT business to the highly precision Semiconductor industry and green energy associated industries such solar energy, LED, Li-battery, Electric Vehicle, Smart Grid and bio-tech, etc. Chroma aggressively deploys in every aspect and plays an important role in every field.   

In recent years, the trend of using automated equipment to replace labor is inevitable due to the highly increased labor cost. Chroma has integrated the automatic testing system and MES as a Turnkey solution. With abundant experiences in every field, Chroma has strong capability to supply a total solution to our customers.

Chroma: Connecting the world with innovation and service  

Chroma's vision is to develop world-class products and become a world-class enterprise. For "world-class products", it is to provide testing solutions to the electronic industries with precision, reliable and unique products, while aiming for innovated technology, own brand name, and globalization are the approaches for "world-class enterprise. "  

Chroma plans to become the partner of world's 1st tier customers by providing new technology, high value-added products and service to satisfy customer's demands. We can perceive customer's next move in advance by providing solutions to them before the products go to mass production so that the world's 1st tier customers can include Chroma as part of their production ring and make Chroma grow as well.

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