Magnetic Bead

Purify 16 or 32 samples in 25-50 min, fast and efficient automated nucleic acid purifications from various bio-specimens.

PCR Setup

Precise, accurate and time-saving automated liquid handling of purified nucleic acid and reagents for PCR setup.

Open Platform

Comprehensive protocols creation and adaption for purification and PCR setup.


Safeguard against the contamination with UV light and HEPA.

Cool Station

Cooling control for eluates storage and reagent kits to maintain samples stability.

Whirl Mixing

Patented whirl-and-stir mixing approach to maximize the efficiency of purifications.

The fully automated system for nucleic acid purification and PCR setup

Achieves nucleic acid purification and PCR setup workflows in one step.

MagXtract® 3200

ISO 13485

MagXtract 3200 is a novel one-step automated PCR sample prep system performing the purification and PCR setup in a compact bench-top workstation. With the state-of-the-art technology, MagXtract 3200 seamlessly integrates a magnetic extraction engine with a high accurate pipetting module in a system to achieve the fast, efficient, flexible and reliable performance for PCR sample preparations.

Automated Workflow Solution

PCR process includes sample handling, nucleic acid extraction, PCR preparation, nucleic acid amplification and detection, and result output. If such a complicated process is turned out to be an automated workstation, which replaces repetitive pipetting for any type of protocols, then operators are going to eliminate tedious work, repeated actions and human errors. Therefore, how to achieve precision, accuracy and consistency, as well as effectiveness, safety, and reliability of nucleic acid purifications and liquid handling are also very important factors for downstream PCR applications.

MagXtract 3200, the fully automation of nucleic acid extraction and PCR setup increases throughput and reproducibility while greatly reducing 90% hands-on time.

MagXtract® 3200 Workflow


  • 16 tube sample drawer x 2, max. for 32 samples
  • Tube types (D x H):
    13 x 75 / 13 x 100 / 16 x 100mm
  • Whole blood, serum, tissue, etc. (depending on extraction kit)
  • Built-in 1D barcode reader for primary samples

*Please note that this system does not include sample preparation or pre-treatment.

Nucleic Acid Extraction

  • Purification of 16 samples in parallel
  • 96 deep well extraction plate adaptation
  • Patented whirl mixing method
  • Heating control for lysis and elution
  • Cooling to 4°C for reagent and eluate storage
  • Built-in protocols for authorized extraction kits
  • Programmable protocols

PCR setup

  • 96 well PCR plate and 8 strip PCR tube adaptation
  • Consistent results in assays
  • User friendly protocol editor
  • Applicable to various PCR kits


  • One step automated solution with integrated Liquid Handling techniques.
  • True walk-away and compact system.
  • Reduce up to 90% hands-on time.
  • Simplified user interface operation guides the users through the assay setup, from sample loading to the consumable placement.


  • Scalable low to medium throughput.
  • Highly compatible software architecture for built-in or tailored protocols.
  • Customize the protocol through the protocol editing tool.
  • Bench top and small footprint to save precious lab space.
  • Versatile and supportive applications for both IVD and RUO, suitable for most downstream applications.


  • Complete traceability of samples and consumables.
  • Consistency and quality through state-of-art workflow automation.
  • Eliminate virtually all manual steps with automation, consolidation, integration and standardization.
  • Decontamination system, clean the environment inside the instrument and protect users.

Technological Advantages

Magnetic Beads Extraction Principle

Magnetic beads have been around in one form or another for decades. The approach, largely unchanged since, relies on using magnetic beads with a coating that can bind nucleic acids reversibly by just adjusting buffer conditions.

After binding DNA, an external magnetic field attracts the beads to the outer edge of the containing tube, immobilizing them. While the beads are immobilized, the bead-bound DNA is retained during the washing steps. Adding elution buffer, and removing the magnetic field then releases the DNA as a purified sample, ready for quantitation and analysis.

Patented Whirl-and-Stir Mixing Method

With the patented whir-and-stir approach, MagXtract 3200 demonstrates the quiet and extraordinary mixing efficiency to achieve the outstanding purifications. The magnetic head is equipped with 16 processing channels for sample mixing and transferring.

Precise and Accurate Liquid Handling for Purification and PCR Setup

MagXtract 3200 is equipped a pneumatic air displacement pipetting module to aspire and dispense fluids accurately which is optimal for achieve successful/precise sample preparations of PCR amplifications. For in-process security monitoring, the pipettor is also equipped with liquid level detection, tip sensor and clotting detection functions. Liquid handling capabilities include primary sample, post eluates, reagent kits and PCR preparations.




Precision (CV)


Accuracy (CV)

User-Friendly Interface

MagXtract 3200 software provides the protocol-based control to streamline the workflows. The stepwise GUI and touchscreen control guide the user through the complication of the assay setup, from sample loading to the consumable placement. By reducing the use error, the overall throughput and efficiency is greatly elevated. After execution, system will generate a complete running report in PDF format with full traceability of sample, kits and consumables.

Comprehensive Protocols Creation and Adaption

MagXtract 3200 provides a dedicated off line protocol editor, which is subject to authorization management. The editor is for managing, editing and creating the extraction and PCR setup protocols, and allows users to customize the purification and PCR setup protocol down to each step to support the various nucleic extractions and PCR sample preparations.




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MagXtract® 3200 achieves automated nucleic acid extraction and PCR setup in one-step workstation, and is designed with an open-platform software architecture, which can apply with various magnetic bead nucleic acid extraction kits and qPCR kits.
Chroma collaborates with kit suppliers and provides customer with automated methods to make PCR preparation simple, accurate and efficient.

Available application notes of kit partners.

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