ITC Asia 2017

2017.Sep.13 – 2017.Sep.15

  • Where: 台北
  • Venue: 南港展览馆一馆
  • Exhibit by: Chroma ATE Inc.

Speaker Information


Ishih Tseng, 9/14 keynote 2

Topic: Convergence of Electronic and Semiconductor Systems, and Its Impact on Testing Technology


As electronic systems are increasingly dominated by system ICs, convergence of electronic system test and semiconductor test is now essential.   Environmental variances and stresses often plays vital role in yield or reliability of both system IC and electronic systems. Testing system variables on ICs can significantly enhance reliability of final systems, but also becomes one of major testing challenges for IC vendors.    Electronic system also comprises multiple physical interfaces, like optical light, mechanical vibration, temperature, or even chemical contents.   Such integration is now migrated upstream into semiconductor process or substrate process.  Semiconductor test is no longer just digital or analog test.   Integration of wide variety of measurement instruments also pose tremendous challenges not only to test equipment vendors, also to manufacturing operators.  The effort and challenges in those two areas will be discussed, primarily from equipment vendor point of view.

Speaker: Ishih Tseng/ President / Chroma ATE Inc.


George, 9/14 A1-1

Topic: The Trend of Testing on IoT ICs


ICs have been widely used for IoT applications in network and sensor layers. To ensure the function, performance and quality of each IC to meet required standard becomes critical. There are many key test items and variables to be implemented during testing, including thermal, RF, accuracy, speed, and etc. In this tutorial, we will introduce advanced semiconductor test solutions, including VLSI test system, SoC/analog test system, system/final level IC test handler, PXI/PXIe IC test platform, laser diode test system for wireless, MCU, PMIC, and sensor applications.

Speaker: George Chang/ President, Semiconductor Test Equipment BU/ Chroma ATE Inc.


Herbert, 9/15 A5-3

Topic: The Challenge to Increase Fault Coverage in IC Testing Process


Due to consumer electronics, automobile and semiconductor products getting higher density, it is necessary to increase fault coverage to guarantee the reliability of final product. The SLT and BI testing play an important role in IC testing process that can provide test data in short term to increase fault coverage. There are many technical challenges in SLT and BI testing that must be managed to implement test process.

Speaker: Herbert Tsai/ Vice President, Integrated System Solutions BU/ Chroma ATE Inc.


2017 ITC-Asia Program At A Glance (with Hyperlinks) Tentative (updated on June 14, 2017)

Sept. 13 - Wednesday Sept. 14 - Thursday Sept. 15 - Friday

Opening & Keynote Session (I)

  • Keynote 1: Tim Cheng (HKUST)
    Hardware Security - Verification, Test, and Defense Mechanisms
  • Keynote 2: Ishih Tseng (Chroma ATE)
    Convergence of Electronic and Semiconductor Systems, and Its Impact on Testing Technology

Keynote Session (II)

10:40-11:00 Coffee Break 10:30-10:50 Coffee Break

Plenary Panel

Heterogeneous IntegrationDesign and Test Challenges

Sessions A3, B3, C3

12:20-13:30 Lunch Break 12:05-13:30 Lunch Break

Half-Day Tutorials

Sessions A1, B1, C1

Sessions A4, B4, C4

14:45-15:00 Coffee Break 14:45-15:00 Coffee Break

Sessions A2, B2, C2

Sessions A5, B5, C5